How To Apply for Resident Permit In Gabon

How To Apply for Resident Permit In Gabon

Application Procedure:

  • Check out at the Directorate General for Documentation and Immigration (DGDI) office close to you and make an inquiry at the front desk.
  • Application form can be obtained from the DGDI office, or download it via the DGDI website portal or click the link below to download,:(Application form)
    How To Apply for Resident Permit In Gabon
    How To Apply for Resident Permit In Gabon

  • Fill out the properly filled application form, along with any supporting documents (listed under the “Required documents” section) to be processed and verified to the official who is in attendance in the DGDI.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • If an authorized official has the confidence that documents are in order, the information collected through the request form can be included in the DGDI database system.
  • The applicant will be informed about the outcome and issued with a resident permit.

Documents that are required Resident Permit

In all instances, provide the below documents

  • A valid accommodation certificate (DGDI print)
  • A duplicate of the identity card issued by the landlord
  • The most recent SEEG
  • One color photograph

Private sector employees:

  • Employment proof that is legal
  • The form is a CDS request form for collecting from DGDI
  • An original copy of the identity card from the employer
  • A duplicate of the license along with the receipt of payment for the current calendar year.

Contract workers in the public sector:

  • The final decision to be a part of the Public Service
  • A certification of taking or reinstatement of service

Technical assistance personnel:

  • Copy of mission directive from the Ministry of Business. Ministry of Business
  • Foreign to the country of the country of (for the new Venus)
  • Original certificate that has been signed by the cooperation service or any other body that supervises in Gabon
  • An original, recent document of employment that has been and signed by the person responsible for the position assignment

Self-employed workers:

  • It is a Trade Agreement and proof that the Holder has completed all formalities required of the concerned administrations

Owners of renters:

  • Title annuity or land title or pension offered by the Gabonese company.

Ministers of Religion and members of congregations with approving authorities:

  • A certificate from an official acknowledged by the Government indicating the purpose and conditions of the stay as well as the total care provided by the congregation.
  • A practice license granted from the Ministry of the Interior.

Foreigners who have been married to Gabonese (who are not nationals and have nationality yet)

  • Photocopies of evidence of civil status
  • Copy of the identity document that of Gabonese spouse

A resident’s family member:

  • A copy of the marriage certificate or the family book
  • Copy of Residence permit of the spouse’s legal

Office Locations and Contacts

EMI-IMMIGRATION:Directorate General for Documentation and Immigration (DGDI)
BP 1019 Libreville, Zone Industrielle d’Oloumi
Tel: (+241) 01 76 24 24/01 76 00 24
Website: website

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Foreigners


  • Invoice 150 000 CFA card fees in francs Invoice


  • It is good for two years.

Documents to Utilize

(Application form)

The Information You Need

The IDENTITY and SIGNALING of the Applicant:

  • Names of all applicants
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Identification document number
  • Marital status
  • Spouse details (if applicable)
  • Children details (if applicable)
  • Residence address in Gabon
  • The applicant’s declaration

Social and professional situations

  • Profession
  • Name of the company/business
  • The address of the residential address of the company or business
  • Individual employment authorization

Information on the STAY

  • Old resident card details
  • Date of arrival/despatcher in Gabon
  • Why you should stay
  • Residence of the place

The Document is required Resident Permit

A Residence Permit (also known as a residence permit) is a document which permits the holder to live in a foreign country of which he is not an official citizen.

External Links

(Directorate General documents and immigration (DGDI)



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