How to Apply for Retention of Name in Pharmaceutical Register for Pharmacists Resident Abroad in Nigeria

Apply for Retention of Name in Pharmaceutical Register for Pharmacists Resident Abroad in Nigeria By Yourself

  • To request a Retention of Name in the Pharmaceutical Register for Pharmacists Resident abroad in the person of the applicant, they have submit an application in writing to PCN. Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN).
  • Contact details and the address of the PCN are available below the contact page.

  • Visit the office and get an application form that must be filled out for the Retention of Name in the Pharmaceutical Register for Pharmacists Resident abroad from the department concerned.
  • Fill in the form by filling in the appropriate information in the relevant sections. Affirm it by signing it when you’ve completed the form.
  • After you have completed an application for admission, be sure you’ve uploaded all the required documents on the “Required Documents” section on this page.
  • Then, you can submit it personally to the appropriate office. Pay the amount as required by the officials.
  • Once the application has been submitted, the form and any other supporting documents will be sent to review and verification procedures.
  • After the verification and validation procedures are completed The application will then be accepted and officials will take the required steps to issue the Certificate of Retention.
  • If the document is in the process of being taken in, the person who requested it will be notified by the office via an email or a phone call about the collection. Then, the applicant will be able to collect the document using any method that is appropriate.

Documents Required For Apply for Retention of Name

  • The completed application form
  • Bank drafts made payable to PCN (for the prescribed fee)
  • Resignation/acceptance letter Photocopy from previous employment (if applicable)
  • Appointment Letter from Superintendent Pharmacist
  • The legal contract that is signed between and the Pharmacist responsible and employer (where appropriate)
  • The certificate of incorporation for the Company
  • Specifics of Directors as published by C.A.C.
  • Any supporting document

Office Locations and Contacts

Pharmacists Council of Nigeria,Plot 7/9, Industrial Layout
P.M.B. 415 Garki,
Registrar’s Office: +234 704 453 3099
Questions about Registration and Licensing Contact us: +234-806 605 5429
Web site homepage
Contact Link
Contact information for the Office Link

What are all the Eligibility

Any Nigerian pharmacist who is living in another country and plans to set up the foundation of a Hospital Pharmacy or get registered as a pharmacist certified in Nigeria is likely to require the retention of their name in the Pharmaceutical Register.


The cost for Retention of Name in the register for Pharmacists who reside abroad is N41062.00


  • The applicants are advised to fill in the application form in a neat and thoroughly with complete accuracy and legibility to avoid rejection. Additionally, all required documents should be provided fully.
  • A commitment letter from the managing director of the company must be obtained to the effect that all businesses in the pharmaceutical industry are under the personal supervision and supervision of the chief pharmacist.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the applicant and email address
  • Telephone number
  • Company name and registration number
  • Incorporation details
  • Address of the building
  • Contact details
  • Address for email and website
  • Equipments used in production and Quality control unit
  • The list below contains the products that are manufactured by the pharmacy

Documentation is needed

  • A pharmacist who is based in Nigeria, is living abroad and wants to establish an Hospital Pharmacy or practice as a registered pharmacist, must get an authorization through the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria.
  • Prior to this the applicant must obtain an official Certificate of Retention in the Pharmacist’s name on the application.




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