How To Apply for Sanitary Permit In Chile

How To Apply for Sanitary Permit In Chile

  • In order to apply for a sanitation permit applicants must gather all the necessary documents (see the below list of documents) and then visit an SEREMI regional branch (Secretara Regional Ministerial of Salud).
  • Make sure you submit all the necessary documents along with the fee for application. Notification: The fee can be paid via online payment via Tesorera General de la Repblica.
  • After your application has been approved After your application is approved, the Office will notify you via email.

Documents that are required Sanitary Permit

  • Plant layout with the locations of the machinery and adjacent structures.
  • Ballot for the health service provider, that certifies the use of sewage.
  • Certificate of fire extinguisher control.
  • The certificate of contributions to the insurance covering occupational injuries and diseases.
  • Certificate of electrical installation.
  • If it’s an extension, then a photocopy of the prior satisfactory resolution.

Other documents needed (depending on the business process to be conducted):

  • Assessments of environmental impacts and risk associated with the activity.
  • Register the number from fixed sources.
  • Certification of the competent operator of boilers, autoclaves , and other equipment that emits Ionizing radiation.
  • Certificate attached to TEC 1. Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels.
  • Certificate of Liquid Environmental Waste (RILES).
  • Certificate of instruction for employees on the dangers that they face and prevention measures.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of HealthMac Iver 541, Santiago, Chile
Telfono: (+56 2) 2 5740 100

What Are All The Eligibility

Legal and natural persons can apply to participate in the process.

  • The business was formed when the request was made.
  • Follow the existing regulations for sanitary, environmental and regulation on risk reduction (DS 594/1999).
  • Be in compliance with adhere to General Ordinance of Urbanism and Construction (Supreme Decree 47/92 and its modifications).

If you produce toxic industrial solid waste, you must submit an management plan in accordance with Supreme Decree 148/2003 of the Ministry of Health.

The Document is required Sanitary Permit

One of the conditions that you must meet before applying for an official license for your business is the Sanitary permit. The permit will assess the essential environmental and sanitary conditions for the company’s operation.

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How To Apply for Sanitary Permit In Chile
How To Apply for Sanitary Permit In Chile

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