How To Apply for Scholarship (Luys Loan Foundation) In Armenia

How To Apply for Scholarship (Luys Loan Foundation) In Armenia

For those who wish to apply for scholarships with the Luys the loan foundation follow the below contact information to contact the appropriate authorities that can assist you.

Luys Foundation
2/2 Melik-Adamyan street,
0010 Yerevan, Armenia
Tel . : + 37460 70 77 0700
E-mail :
Website and Contact Information : More Info

More details can be found by clicking the link below : More Information

Documents that are required Apply for Scholarship

  • Photocopy of your Passport or Armenian ID Card
  • University offers unconditionally.
  • The application form must be copied and handed to the university’s office of finance for scholarships or the response letter sent by the office.
  • A copy of the declaration of intent was sent to the university
  • Motivational letter to Luys The letter could be published on the internet
  • The biography will be posted on Luys students profile in Armenian
  • Biography to be posted on the Luys profile page for students in English
  • A headshot of you (similar to passport photos)
  • Birth Certificate
  • The passport of a parent (father or the mother with Armenian family)
  • Baptism Certificate
  • GPA score

Office Locations and Contacts

Luys Foundation2/2 Melik-Adamyan street,
0010 Yerevan, Armenia
Tel . : +37460 70 77 0700
E-mail :
Contact Info for Websites and More : More Info

What Are All The Eligibility

  • You must be Armenian That is, an Armenian citizen, a citizen of the Republic of Armenia and/or of Armenian descent.
  • You must be admitted to an academic degree that is awarded in full-time program (Bachelor Master, PhD, or doctoral) in one of Luys-Recognized universities.
  • Must be between 18 to forty at time of applying..


A LUYS LOAN can be transformed into A LUYS SCHOLARSHIP when the student completes all the requirements of the LUYS CONTRACT FOR EVERY YEAR of study.

Documentation is needed

The scholarship is offered by the Luys foundation, which is located in Armenia. This Luys Scholarship Program makes sure that Armenia grows and develops an even stronger presence in a knowledge-based economy that is in a position of equal standing with the world’s top nations.

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