How to Apply for Street Hawkers Licence In Uganda

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Street Hawkers are Street Hawker is a seller,who’s license is issued by the licensing authority. They are allowed to sell their products at retail on any location by any method that is available, including vehicles, or perform a service as the Minister can specify.

To get an Street Hawker Licence, please follow these steps.

  1. Request the procedure by submitting the appropriate form and submit it to the Licensing Authority in any city or town created pursuant to the Local Governments Act, and include the below information.
    • Indicate the kind of food or item that will be sold.
    • Indicate the area, street, district, town/municipality/division which the hawking is to take place.
    • Indicate the times during which the merchandise is advertised, as well as such additional conditions that the licensing authority might think appropriate to set.
  2. Complete all required details on the application form. attach the prescribed documents to the application form, including
    • A imagecopy National identification number
    • Approval by approval from the Health Authorities (must be obtained for hawkers who are engaged in the food industry).
    • No Objection Declaration by the Environmental Health Directorate at the local governments in the event of selling food items and drinks.
    • A passport-sized photo of the applicant.
  3. Make payment of the fee that is specified on the application form.
  4. The licensing Authority will process the application within 7 working days.
  5. After approval, after approval, the Licensing Authority shall grant to the applicant a Hawkers Licence.
  6. The licence is issued with an initial of person applying as well as the nature of commercial operation.


  • If the Applicant plans to hire a service provider to sell products on behalf of the Applicant the servant must carry out in his or her personal name, an licence which will carry by that employee when employed.
  • If it is intended that more than one servant are employed, a separate licence must be obtained for any additional service.
  • The License given by Street Hawker Street Hawker shall, together with the receipt for the last payment of the paid licence must be displayed at a prominent spot by the Licensee whenever carrying out his commercial activities.
  • If you choose to stop operating your business and you decide to stop, immediately inform the municipality, city and town local licensing authority, established pursuant to the Local Governments Act, by complete and sending your form.

for the purpose of the granting of a trading licence or hawkers License under the Act

  • (a)in any municipality, city or town apart from an administration town the licensing authority in any town, municipality or city is an official of the relevant council;
  • (b) In any zone that is not that are specified in the trading Licence Act in any other area, the licensing authority will be the person appointed to this end by the relevant administration of the district.

Required Documents For Apply for Street Hawkers Licence

  • The national identification card copy.
  • Copy of the report from health authorities(in the event of sales of food or beverages)
  • Photo of passport size of the applicant.
  • No Objection Declaration by the Environmental Health Directorate in the instance of selling of beverages and food.
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Statement of Particulars
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Forms for companies 18 and 20


  • Original Certificate of Incorporation for the business (new Business/Company)
  • Form 18 and Form 18 and

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Registration Services BureauPlot 5 George Street, Georgian House, Kampala
P.O.Box 84848 Kampala Uganda
URSB General Line: +256 414 233 21
Call Center Contact Number: +256 417338 100
URSB Fax +256 414250 712

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)
City Hall, Plot 1-3, Apollo Kaggwa Road
PO BOX 7010 Kampala – Uganda
Head Office +256 =”” 000+”” 0204=”” 414581294br=”” 66 =”” Tel :=””>Toll free number 0800 99 00 0800 99 00

  • All Municipal Council offices across the nation
  • Municipal offices (MOs) across all districts in Uganda.
  • Town Council Offices (TCOs)in all districts of Uganda
  • City Town Boards (CTBOs) across all districts of Uganda
  • Division Area Councils (DACs)in all Districts of Uganda
  • District Council Boards (DCBs)In All Districts in Uganda


  • Any natural person is eligible to apply for an Street Hawker License


  • If a person is holder of Two Street Hawker Licenses that are one for food items and the other for non-food products The person is not able to operate both licenses at simultaneously.
  • Street Hawkers can’t sell alcohol.
  • Street hawkers selling fruit and vegetables or fish, are not able to sell ice cream or pre-cooked food items and drinks, with the exception of water.


  • The Grade I version is 37,500 Ugx.
  • Grade II 15,000 Ugx
  • Grade III 15,000 Ugx.


Valid for one year

  • If not earlier revoked the hawkers licence granted under the Market Act for any year expires at the end of the thirty-first day in December of the year in question.

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 1 Day


Uganda Registration Services Bureau

  • Service Bureau Service Bureau provides comprehensive Helpdesk assistance and guidance to clients in relation in Trading Licenses and Hawker Licenses.
  • A hawkers license granted under Market Act shall be personal to the person who holds the licence and cannot be transferable.
  • The person who has an hawkers licence issued to them or them must keep the Licence in his or her possession whenever they are acting as an Hawker.
  • The applicant is required to provide the license at the request of any officer of the administrative or police official or other person authorised by the licensing authority.

Requirements Information

  • Owner’s name
  • Information on how to run the business(individual, Sole Proprietorship, partnership)
  • Address of residence of the applicant
  • The nationality of the applicant
  • A password and a Tin number

Information that can be useful

A hawkers licence is not required. be required for any person acting as a hawker

  • Fish, poultry, vegetables eggs, fruits, victuals newspaper, firewood, fish
  • any bonafide product created by the applicant’s handicraft or in any place in the area where the applicant is residing or by the craft of others who live with him or her , or who are family members or employees of their family
  • any other items that the Minister can, through a statute declare as goods that may be hawked with or without an hawkers licence pursuant to the Act.


  • A licensing authority can deny the Hawkers Licence without citing any reason as to why and can remove any Hawkers Licence granted in this section if it’s certain that any of the conditions on that the Hawkers Licence was granted was violated.
  • Any person who is upset by the decision from the licensing body to issue an Hawkers’ Licence can make an appeal before the minister, whose the decision will be final.

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