How to Apply for Student Loan In Uganda

Apply for Student Loan In Uganda By Yourself

  1. You are able to print a Hardcopy from the application for loan in in the areas listed below.
    • Universities/Institutions.
    • Centenary Bank (any branch around the Country).
    • Print out and download the application from the ILMIS site by yourself.
  2. Go through the instructions thoroughly and complete the required information in the sections below;
    • Personal details
    • Parent’s details
    • Admission & Loan details
    • The checklist of the applicant
    • Declaration
    • Recommendations and payment
  3. Once you’ve filled in all of the necessary information on each of the sections of the application You will then add or attach your Application along with copies all the necessary documents.
  4. This printout should be taken with you to take the loan application to the individuals listed on the form to get suggestions, signatures, and stamping, which includes;
    • Local Council 1
    • Head teacher of the school/institution previously was a student at the time.
    • Town Clerk/Sub County Chief)
  5. After completing the process of filling out the printout Loan Application, the applicant must visit the Bank (any Centenary Bank branch) and pay the fee that have been set by HESFB and then receives the payment acknowledgment or the pay slip at the request of the institution.
  6. Then you will fill out and submit the completed loan application along with the receipt of the payment or the receipt from your bank the HESFB’s contact person at the Bank.
  7. The bank’s contact will send the applications along with the payment acknowledgment or the payment slip from your bank HESFB.

ONLINE Application

  1. Go to this portal to access the Integrate Loan Management Information System website portal Apply online
  2. If you already have a registered account, you are able to log in and open the application form. If you do not, you may register one.
  3. Click Register to sign up for an account on the ILMIS system using the essential self-information (Names email, mobile No and password). It will be completed when all the necessary details have been provided and an email is delivered to you.
  4. Take the time to read through the instructions and complete the application form correctly and save the form.
  5. Upload all required documents that you have scanned, confirm that the details are in order , and then click “submit”
  6. When you click the submit button On clicking submit, after clicking the submit button, a Report will be created it will contain the information that was filled in by the applicant. This is a partial submission to the ILMIS system. (I.e.Applicant still hasn’t completed the bank payment)
  7. Print the Report and send it to the individuals’ (Local Council 1, Head of the the previous school/institution, and Sub Town Clerk/County Chief) indicated on the form for suggestions as well as signatures and stamping.
  8. Once he/she has completed the application Report the applicant needs to visit the Bank (any Centenary Bank branch) and pay the fees that are pre-defined by HESFB and then receives the acknowledgement of payment or the pay slip at the request of the institution.
  9. After that, scan and upload the recommendation form as well as the payment slip and then submit them to the system. This is the last submission. The application will then be made available to HESFB.

Required Documents For Apply for Student Loan

  • 3 color pass port size photos
  • Valid and acceptable forms of identification that could be (National ID Passport, Driver’s License, Passport voter’s Card or School ID and NSSSF Card).
  • Bank statement confirming that the application fee was paid
  • Academic Certificates/Pass Slips
  • Birth Certificate
  • A letter of acceptance for Higher Education Institute (HEI)
  • CRB / Financial Card [mandatory]
  • Sketch map showing the home of the place of.

Office Locations and Contacts

HESFB Official HESFB Address:All inquiries should be directed to:

The Director of Executive
The Board for Financing Higher Education Student’s
Plot 1 Lourdel Road, Lourdel Towers 7th Floor, Nakasero,
P. O. Box 16810, Wandegeya-Kampala, Uganda.
Phone: +256 414 255300
Website Website
E- mail: (or)


A potential applicant will consider funding under the conditions that

  • They must be admitted to an approved program or courses from an accredited chartered University or a recognized Higher Education Institution.
  • These are Ugandan citizens. Uganda.
  • They completed their Means Test.


Fees that are non-refundable

  • In person (offline) application ugx 50,000
  • Online application ugx 52,000


  • It varies depending on the time of program of applicant.

Processing Time

  • The timing will vary according to the time stated in various advertisements.


  1. Candidates should be Ugandan students only.
  2. Candidates must be admitted to an recognized Higher Educational Institution.
  3. Send a formal application in writing to Students Loan Scheme
  4. The submission of applications must be within a specific timeframe.
  5. Students must apply prior to the start date to allow enough time to process their applications.
  6. Successful applicants for loans will need to be able to execute a loan agreement.
  7. Repayment of loan is at minimum 1 (1) year following the completion of studies

Requirements Information

  • Name of the applicant
  • Sex, age and marital status
  • Nationality
  • Background in education
  • Information on how to enroll at an institution
  • Information about the course of applicants to be completed at the school that was mentioned earlier
  • The duration of the course
  • Start and date of the course;
  • Tuition and other payments that are required;
  • Bankers of the institution enrolling them.

The document is needed

  • The student loan program of the Ugandan government in Uganda was created to provide the same opportunities for Ugandans everywhere to get the highest education.

Information that can be useful

  • Before the loan is taken all beneficiaries should be informed about the financial implications of borrowing money and their obligations as loan recipients
  • It is vital to ensure that the loan comes with an interest rate that is approved.
  • To begin the loan will be granted to 1,000 students enrolled in Science related programs at both private and public universities.
  • An official student loan card will contain the name of the borrower, a photo and the student loan identification number
  • The purpose behind submitting an applications to Deans of Students is to limit office congestion in.
  • The application forms for future applications will be downloaded from or the Students Loan Scheme Boards website

External Links

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