How to Apply for Student Visa in Nigeria

Apply for Student Visa in Nigeria By Yourself

1.You should start the application process by visiting the website of Nigeria Immigration Service (;

2.On the above page look for the heading visa. Then, beneath the heading search for the similar entry visa form Entry Visa Application Form and click it.

3.After the previous steps the above, it will direct you to an online visa application form, where you will be required to fill in every required field;

4.After filling out the form, make sure that the box that is next to the word I accept all liability for the information you provide in this form is checked.

5.Thereafter print the completed application form. Then hit the button that says Submit Application. After the application has been submitted the acknowledgement of receipt of the application will be displayed. make sure to print and keep the acknowledgement.

6.Then you can proceed with making payment to get the visa. To make this happen, visit the payment section and then click the button Proceed to Online Pay. The system then guides you through the payment process online and, after completing all of them, the payment, a confirmation is sent to you, which you have to take a printout of;

7.Where the interview required and you are scheduled for the date for your visa interview visit the Nigerian Diplomatic Mission in home nation or country that you have selected in the online application form. Bring documents such as your passport print application form, the acknowledgement of receipt of the application and the payment receipt, as well as the other documents required. If there’s no need to attend a visa interview, mail or hand deliver the documents at the Nigerian Diplomatic Missions in home country.

8.Thereafter you must wait for the processing of a visa

Documents Required For Apply for Student Visa

1.Valid National Passport

2.Copy of the completed online application form

3.Recent photos of passport size coloured photographs

4.Police Characteror Clearance Certificate issued from the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records

5.Vaccination Certificate against Yellow Fever

6.Formal letter of request for student visa

7.A Copy of the admission letter

8.A duplicate of the acceptance letter

9.Copies of the documents confirming qualifications

10.Acknowledgement of receipt;

11.Online payment receipt

Office Locations and Contacts

Nigeria diplomatic missions out of the country.

A list of these and their contact addresses can be obtained from, and

Website for diplomatic mission Nigeria:

Nigerian Immigration Service Headquarters,

Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Road, Sauka Abuja

P.M.B. 38 Garki Abuja

Telephone: +234-9-7806771

What are all the Eligibility

A student from outside the country who has been accepted into an educational institution that is recognized in Nigeria;


Fees differ based on country of origin of the applicant.


Valid for 3 years

Examples of Documents

On line visa application (Entry Visa Application Form) can be downloaded from

Processing Time

Two (2) fifteen (15) days


1.An applicant must be admitted into a recognized educational institution within the country.

2.Be willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the immigration department as well as the nation as a whole

3.A student visa will not allow work or other work related activities.

4.Applicants should be aware that having a visa serves as a proof of entry into the country . The immigration authority regulates entry into;

5.An applicant may be prevented by the government in the event that he or she holds an active visa, if the conditions are not met.

6.Endeavor to provide all required documents, as incomplete applications could cause delays or delay in the Visa is issued;

7.Do not send fake documents;

8.Children who are younger than 18 (18) years have to obtain the permission of their parents/guardians;

9.An applicant should ensure that they possess a valid visa

10.A Valid visa has to be valid and have a validity of 6 (6) months beyond the period of time spent in the country . It must have blank visa pages;

11.Applicants should be aware of the fact that Nigerian visa application procedures begin by submitting an application online;

12.Applicants should be aware cash payment for visas are not accepted. All transactions must be done online;

13.Applicants who reside in countries where applicants are required to go to visa interviews must be aware of the time and date of the interview in the course of filling out online application forms;

14.Endeavor to bring all documents to be brought with you when attending an interview.

15.An interview date may be moved if the application is received by the applicant

16.Applicants must make sure that they have passport photos that are in compliance with the requirements.

17.An prospective applicant should be well-mannered and in good health.

The Information You Need

1.Name and postal address the student

2.Nationality of a foreign student

3.Sex age, marital status of the student

4.Level of education

5.Particulars of the university or institute in Slovakia (Name contact, name, as well as physical address);

6.Particulars of the course or programme of study;

7.Year for admission as well as duration of course

8.Physical and contact information of the host at which the applicant will be staying during their stay in the country

The Document is required

A Nigerian student visa is granted for a foreign national to permit them to study at an institution of higher learning in Nigeria. As with other visas it is the Nigerian student visas are issued by the Nigerian government via the Nigerian Immigration Service and Diplomatic Missions in other countries.

Other uses of the document/certificate

1.Through the issuance of student visas the country earns money;

2.A student visa is a permit to study abroad in a foreign country.

3.The student visa permits for a foreigner to remain inside the country during a certain duration of time

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