How to Apply for Telecom Cable Laying Service to the Highways Planning and Development Department in Nigeria

 Apply for Telecom Cable Laying Service to the Highways Planning and Development Department in Nigeria By Yourself

  • In order to apply to apply for Telecom Cable Laying Service in person, the person applying has submit an application an Honourable Minister in the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing.
  • Contact information and the address for the Highways Planning and Development Department can be found on the next contact information link.

  • Go to this office and present a request letter to apply for Telecom Cable Laying Service from the Highways Planning and Development Department.
  • The letter of application must specify the required route, including the start and ending points of cable laying as well as the total length (applied to joint inspection through Ministry official in the Ministry’s Headquarters and Field office).
  • Be sure to have all the documents listed under this page’s “Required Documents” section of this page.
  • Attach the proof of payment for outstanding annual maintenance fees as well as other supporting documents to the letter of request. After that, you must submit it to the authority in charge within the bureau.
  • Following successful submission the applicant has to pay the charges required to obtain the service.
  • After receiving the agreed payment The agency will then begin the evaluation of the application, and will verify the supporting documents.
  • A Joint Inspection conducted by Ministry officers from headquarters and Field office. Headquarters and Field office will be conducted along with the applicant.
  • Officials will also confirm whether the entire annual maintenance charges for previous approvals have been paid with no outstanding.
  • When all these steps have been completed and the permit prepared to issue, the person who applied will be notified via either email or telephone to collect the permit.

Documents Required For Apply for Telecom Cable

  • Letter of request
  • Schematic illustration of course of cable lay
  • Documentation of clearance for land (if required)
  • Fees to be paid
  • The proof of payment

Office Locations and Contacts

Highways Planning and Development Department,Federal Ministry of Housing and Works
Phone: +234 806 086 1591
Highway Development and Management Initiative (HDMI) contact Email:
Site: homepage
HDMI Website: homepage link

What are all the Eligibility

Any organisation that is located in Nigeria which requires approval to lay ducts and fibre optic cables as well as the usage of thrust boring at roads crossings, may apply.


  • The fee for approval to lay cables at first is around 150 Naira per meter.
  • The approval for Thrust Boring in a single site costs around 350000 Nigerians.

The applicant is also required to be liable for a maintenance charge of N20/metre each year.

Processing Time

The time for processing before issue of approval is approximately three weeks.


  • Candidates are advised to fill out the application form in a neat and accurately with perfect clarity and accuracy in order to avoid rejection.
  • Additionally, all required documents should be provided in full.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the business
  • Registration number
  • Information on incorporation
  • License number
  • Address of the company
  • Telephone number
  • The route to be taken is required
  • Points of entry and exit
  • Total length
  • Areas that are covered
  • Email address
  • Product description

The Document is required

A permit of the Highways Planning and Development Department is required for companies who are involved in the excavation of the Right of Way/Setback in order to lay fibre optic ducts cables as well as the using thrust boring at roads crossings.

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