How to Apply for Temporary Business License In Bahamas

Apply for Temporary Business License In Bahamas By Online

  1. The applicant must complete an application on form A, to The Business Licence Division Office.
  2. Click here for contact information: Link.
  3. The applicant can download the Form by clicking on the link to the Form.
  4. How to Apply for Temporary Business License In Bahamas
    How to Apply for Temporary Business License In Bahamas
  5. The applicant should obtain Approval from Bahamas investment Authority(BIA).
  6. The company must be registered with The Registrar General Office where they are issued with the Certificate of Incorporation.
  7. Incorporate the business by submitting an application for the Bahamas Investment Authority(BIA) approval together with the certificate of incorporation along with the completed Application for Business Registration A. Submit it in the Business Licence Unit Office.
  8. The initial part on the application form is for you to sign an entity’s name. Fill out the application completely and submit it to any office of Business Licence Division Offices. In the absence of Business Licence Offices, the form may be sent to the Treasury Office or a Family Island Administrator.
  9. If any of the names identified are not accepted, the person applying will be informed that the name selection was rejected and advised to choose one of the other options previously provided in the application form.
  10. The following information must be included in the application form:
    • The appropriate registration fee
    • Approvals for your chosen business
  11. After verification of the documents, the applicant is required to pay the tax for the Business License of 1.5% of the amount of the transaction.
  12. The time frame for processing the application is 7 working days. After that, after that the BLU office will call the applicant to inform the applicant to pick up their license.

Application Online

  1. To sign up online, click on the next Link
  2. Click on”Sign Up for Free” and click on “Sign Up for Free”.
  3. The link will redirect you to a different page to sign up for an account.
  4. “Create Account” displays “Create Account” page will be displayed. Fill out the registration form.
  5. Complete the registration process by filling the mandatory fields that are marked with *.
  6. The applicant must have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy prior to beginning. Then, you must check the box that indicates you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy.
  7. Click the button “Create My Account”, in which the person who is registering will receive an email with the confirmation that the account was successful and that the username has been delivered to the email address you supplied.
  8. The applicant is now able to log in to the account using”username” “username”.
  9. To fully activate your account to fully activate the account, the user must select the account and then answer three (3) security-related questions on the first time they sign into the account. They will require these details for resetting your password, or access your account if the password is forgotten, or in the event that it is locked.
  10. If your account isn’t activated in the next 90 days then it will be wiped out and you’ll be required to create a new one.
  11. Now , login to your account using”username” and “username”.
  12. On the first screen, you will show the required information and documents needed for online registration.
  13. On the right-hand edge of page, click “start” Tab.
  14. It will direct you to “Tax Registration”,
  15. Prior to registering for the Business License, the applicant must provide tax payer information.
  16. The candidate will be required to choose the best possible answer or responses from the choices given for each question.
  17. A Registration option and the number of required steps are determined automatically by the question you answered previously.
    • Choose the tax payer type
      • I am an authorized person to register an individual (Option 1)
      • I am an authorized Person registered as a non-individual entity (Option 2.)
      • I am an authorized agents or representatives of a an taxable entity (Option 3.)
      • Select “Continue” Tab
    • Do I need to sign up for the Section
      • Does the entity have any business in Bahamas (Option 1)?)
      • Do you think that the tax-deductible supplies over the next twelve months to be greater than (Option 2) $100,000?
      • Simply click “Continue” Tab
    • Optional Taxes for Tax Registration
      • Tax Identification Number (TIN) (Selection 1)
      • Commercial License (Selection 2)
      • Value added tax (Selection 3)
      • “Next” Tab “Next” Tab
    • Enter your Tax Payer Registration Details.
      • Complete the Tax Payer’s information
    • Input “Personal Information” information
      • Organization Type
      • Title
      • First Name/Last Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Personal NBI Number
      • Country of residence
    • Input “Business License” Details
      • Business operated from home (Option No/Yes)
      • Business Ownership (Option of Bahamian owned or Foreign owned)
      • Select “Continue” Tab
    • Taxpayers are able to apply for several Business Licenses through on the “Add New License” Tab.
    • After clicking the tab, fill in the information to obtain The Business License.
    • Choose which Business License you want to apply for.
    The term “annual” is used to describe the time of year, temporary or occasional. (Options)
    • Complete the information of the Business
    Red indicates fields that must be filled in
    Trade Name Alternative Trade Name
    Commencement date
    Expiry Date
    Business NIB No
    Expected Turnover for Next Financial Year
    Employees number
    • Business Classification Information
    What kind of business
    Business Description
    • Contact Details
    Telephone No
    Fax No
    Business Address
    Building details
    • Supporting document upload section
      • Upload files in the format listed below with the maximum size of 2MB.
      • PDF (.pdf)
      • Excel (.xls or .xlsx)
      • Word (.doc Word (.doc .docx)
      • Images (.gif / .jpg / .jpeg /.png)
      • Click on the “Attach Documents” button to attach the supporting documents (eg. Utility bills)
      • Click on “Save Modification”.
    • The applicant may also modify the data entered, or click the “Next” tab to proceed.
    • Section for submission
      • Simply click on”Show Application Summary” form. Click on “Show the Application Summary” form to review prior to submitting and then click to the “Previous” Tab to make any changes to the form.
    • Click to select the checkbox “I I agree to the terms and conditions” and then click on”Submit Application” from the menu” Send Application”.
    • An acknowledgement page will be displayed to the applicant to confirm that the application was successfully received by Minister of Finance Department and Revenue. Ministry of Finance Department and Revenue.
    • An applicant may get an email confirming the application along with the number of the application. This number is used to be informed of how the applicant’s application is progressing from department.
    • Select “Finish” to finish the process and then return to the homepage.
  18. A candidate will then be contact by Tax Officers during application process to request any additional details.
  19. The Applicant is able to check the status of their application by using the tracker tab of the “Online Administration System”.

Required Documents For Apply for Temporary Business License

for Apply-In-Person Method

  • Prerequisite approval from relevant government or regulatory agencies if required. To determine if the type or type of company requires further government or regulatory approval, read the Guide for Requirements for Licence that is contained in the form for application.
  • National Insurance Board Registration Number/Letter of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Registrar General’s Department must accompany the application with a copy of the an annual payment for the annual registration fee receipt
  • A copy of the contract
  • Letter of authorisation for Appointed Representatives or Third Parties in the event that an Third Party is used, like the accountant, lawyer or allowing the use of their services on behalf of the client.

To Apply Online Method

  • Supporting Documents that need to be uploaded and scanned into an online application.
  • Affirmation by The Bahamas Investment Authority or the Ministry of Finance.
  • National Insurance Board Registration Number/Letter of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Incorporation, along with the annual registration fee for companies the payment confirmation or Certificate of Good Standing.
  • The contract’s copy

Office Locations and Contacts

Business License/Valuation Unit
First Floor Charlotte House
North Charlotte & Shirley Streets
P. O. Box 3017
New Providence
The Bahamas

Phone: (242) 325-2233, 325-1171, 325-2126
Fax: (242) 328-8003
The hours of operation are from 9am until 4pm, Monday through Friday.
Contact Address Contact Information Link
Family Island Contact Link


Following Business ventures are able to apply for temporary business licenses:

  • Non-Bahamian Company
  • Bahamian company that has a non-Bahamian partner.
  • A foreign person


The cost of processing for temporary licenses is 1.5 percent of the value in the license.


Valid for a duration that is three years.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form Link.

Processing Time

The license will be processed immediately after all supporting documents have been supplied.

Requirements Information

  • Type of Application
  • Business Entity Type
  • Trade Name
  • Individual Name Contact/Telephone/Fax/Status
  • Location of Business Operations
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Mailing Address
  • The location of business operation
  • List of Owners/Partners/Managers/Members etc.
  • Date Business Was Established
  • What kind of business
  • Product Description
  • Financial Information

Need to have the Document

It is mandatory to run an exact business for a certain duration of time.

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