How To Apply for Termination of Residency Permit (CCR) In Algeria

How To Apply for Termination of Residency Permit (CCR) In Algeria

The CCR was established in order to permit Algerian expatriates who are planning to go home permanently, to get their personal possessions, which includes an automobile, and without having to pay customs duties or other taxes. Personal belongings are the entire family’s personal belongings. How to apply:

  1. The applicant should have all the required documents and then visit at the Algerian consulate, or the embassy of the current residence country.
  2. Applications and inventory forms can be obtained at the consulate or Embassy service desks or obtained from Algeria consulate or embassy website.
  3. Completely fill in the forms and then attach all the necessary information and give them to the official who will be attending.
  4. If all the details are correct and you pay of the application fees , you will receive the CCR within 7-10 working days.


  • Candidates should not have previously benefited from the CCR programme prior to.

Documents that are required Termination of Residency Permit (CCR)

  • Correctly filled and properly signed CCR application form
  • A precise and complete inventory of personal belongings
  • 2 copies of the original Registration Card for Consular Services
  • Copy of the two first webpages of your Algerian passport.
  • Copy of the legal and valid residence of the country of origin
  • 2 copies of registration documents, dated on the names of the person applying (if appropriate)
  • 2 Copies of the Manufacturing’s Certificate of origin (if appropriate)
  • 2 Copies of the Origin invoicing for your car(if relevant)
  • Documentation of the activities, like employment verification letters or enrollment verification letters for trainees or students
  • The proof of payment for the Stamp duty
  • Other dossiers that the embassy could consider as appropriate

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of foreign affairs:
Website: Index

How To Apply for Termination of Residency Permit (CCR) In Algeria
How To Apply for Termination of Residency Permit (CCR) In Algeria


What Are All The Eligibility

  • The CCR is only granted for the person who is the chief of the family who lives abroad who would like for a return trip to Algeria with the belongings of their family (spouse and children under 19 are not eligible to receive it)


  • The cost of stamp duty varies for each embassy


  • Validity period is Six (06) months after the date of issue and cannot be extended with an approval from Algerian Customs (Direction Generale of Douanes).
  • To request re-registration should time has elapsed, applicant must wait for six (06) months. They be able to provide the first registration document

Processing Time

  • Between 7 and 10 days, based on the consulate or embassy.


  • The applicant must have a valid registration at the Embassy from at least three (03) years at a minimum;
  • The applicant must present documents that demonstrate at least three (03) three (3) years’ legally valid and uninterrupted residency in the consular district at the Embassy.
  • The applicant’s presence in the Embassy of his choice is mandatory to submit his application and taking the application document.
  • The applicant must not have benefitted previously from a change of residence.
  • Any excess to the authorized amount is subject to the payment of duties and taxes.
  • Fishing boats and recreational vessels as well as pleasure craft and zodiac boats aren’t permitted under CCR and are not able to be included in CCR Inventory. CCR Inventory. All applicants take full and complete responsibility for this;
  • The person who is the beneficiary of the CCR has to pay stamp duty The amount is calculated based on the total amount of inventory that is included in the file.
  • The duplicates of the mandatory documents, inventory, as well as the declaration of honour need to be authorized by the Embassy
  • The Power of Attorney and Proxy is not able to be issued within the framework of an. It is the Algerian Customs maintains that presence by the person who holds the CCR is mandatory for the execution of customs procedures. Consulates and embassies aren’t permitted to issue any Power of Attorney to be utilized in this manner.

The document is needed

This document gives Algerian citizens who live abroad, an outline of how to apply to the Termination of Residence Permit (CCR) in the Algeria consulate and embassy around the world.

Information that can be useful

The total value of the CCR:

  • The total value of personal belongings which includes a new vehicle permitted as part of a change of residence (CCR) was set through the Finance Law for 2020 as follows (Article 122 of law No 19-14, dated 11 December 2019, published by the Official Gazette No 81 dated 30 December 2019).
  • four (04) millions Algerian Dinars (4 000 000 DZD) for students and trainees.
  • Five (05) million Algerian Dinars (5 000 000 DZD) for all other citizens.

vehicle Specification:

  • The new car (voituretouristique) and the engine size of which must not exceed 2000 cubic centimeters (for Petrol model) or 2500 cubic centimeters (for diesel model).
  • New Light Commercial Vehicle (vehiculeutilitaireneuf) whose total weight (Poids total en charge) must not exceed 5.950 tons.
  • Two-wheeler that is registered (Motor Bike).


  • Note that a tax of 25% is charged to vehicles that capacity between 1800 to 2100 cubic centimeters (for Petrol models) and between 2100 cm3 to 2500 cm3 (for Diesel models).

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