How to Apply for Trademark) In Japan

Apply for Trademark In Japan By Online

The steps listed below explain the procedure required to apply for the registration of a Trademark.

  1. To apply for the Trademark the person applying for the registration has to fill out an application form and then submit it in the Japan Patent Office (JPO). The application forms are available at the following URL : Application Forms
  2. The JPO will publish the contents of the request in its Official Gazette after filing.
  3. The Trademarks submitted will be formal and substantively assessed to be sure that it meets all the requirements necessary and that the Trademark offers a rational explanation. If the application did not meet the requirements, applicants will then be contacted to rectify the application.
  4. In the event that an application is not able to satisfy the requirements of substance an explanation of the reason for refusing the application will be provided directly to applicants.
  5. The applicant may submit an argument in writing to counter the reasons for refusal, or an amendment that will eliminate the reason for refusing.
  6. If it is decided that there is no reason to deny registration the decision to register trademarks will be taken.
  7. If a written argument or an amendment are not able to eliminate the grounds for refusing, and if an examiner determines that the trademark is not registered the decision to refuse will be taken.
  8. If there is dissatisfaction with the decision to refuse an examiner is entitled to contest the decision of refusal.
  9. If the Trademark is accepted by a judge that it is registered, then the fee must be paid. After the payment of the fee for registration application for registration of the trademark rights will take place , and the trademark rights will be put into effect.
  10. In the case of the trademark rights which was registered and has entered into force, the trademark rights are available in the official trademark gazette.
  11. Any person can contest the decision to apply for a trademark registration with the Commissioner of the JPO. JPO.

Notice : Even after a trademark has been registered, anyone can contest the validity of the trademark if they believe it is infected with a defect. In addition when the trademark hasn’t been utilized after registration for a period of three years or more the appeal to revoke the trademark could be filed.

Further details and a flowchart representation of the procedure can be accessed by clicking the link below : More information and Flowchart View

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Office Locations and Contacts

This link will provide contact information of offices in the area that need to be reached : Japan Patent Office (JPO) Contact Information


The following link will provide you with fees related to : Fees Information
More Fees Information

Documents to Utilize

Applications forms for use can be downloaded from the link below : Application Formulas

The Document is required

This guideline provides details about registering trademarks in Japan.



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