How to Apply for Transfer of Motor Vehicle (Transfer Car logo) In Uganda

Apply for Transfer of Motor Vehicle (Transfer Car logo) In Uganda By Online

It is a procedure where the taxpayer transfers the ownership of a car. The process involves changing names that are registered for the motor vehicle to a different name. This can happen the result of the sale or gift court orders, police instructions, etc. Apply Online:
The applicant must access the Uganda Revenue Authority web portal at the following URL Uganda Revenue Authority Enter user id (TIN) along with password, then click on login

Step 2.
Look on the left side, you will see an icon that reads “Motor Vehicle Registration” choose Motor vehicle application, and then select a the new form.
Step 3.
Enter the purpose, and then enter all the mandatory information
Step 4.
Enter the details of the declarant, check the registration of the vehicle and then click Next
5 Step
Enter the TIN of the person who is being transferred and bio information will be automatically populated under attachments, choose documents and follow the next.
Step 6
Select register payment, then select the payment method and bank that you wish to pay for the transfer fees.
Step 7
Click submit. After submission of the form, an electronic acknowledgement receipt, a payment registration receipt , and notice of assessment are generated.
Step 8.
Print the form, and then submit along with a bank statement that has been paid to URA office. URA office.
Step 9
URA will inform the person who you transferred to. The log book is accessible to the owner’s account via the website portal

Please note:

  • When ownership is transferred from an individual (personal) person to another the number plate should not be changed.
  • If a company has duty-free status and decides to transfer any vehicle to an individual individual and the duty-free status ends and the taxes stated earlier must be paid prior to transfer.However,the companies with duty-free status are able to sell their vehicles to other corporations that have similar status and keep the number plate, but they must notify the Ministry of Finance.

RequiredDocuments For Apply for Transfer of Motor Vehicle

  • Forms of application that have been completed by both parties and stamped in the case of a business.
  • Sales Agreement with stamp duty embossed.
  • Original copy of Logbook that was used to register the vehicle.
  • Original identification documents for each of the parties(seller as well as buyer)
  • Log book
  • Identity card
  • Registration certificate
  • Pay slips

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Revenue Authority Headquarters
Plot M193/M194, Nakawa Industrial Area,
P.O. Box 7279 Kampala, Uganda.
Phone: +256 414744000, 0800117000 (toll free)
Website:Uganda Revenue Authority
Others offices Kampala South is located in the Old Kampala Mosque,
Kampala North, located inside Bwaise (Mulago Kalerwe Round about).

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Crested Towers (Tall Tower)
Tel: 041-7443000, 041-7443134

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Nakawa (HQRS)
Tel: 041-7440000, 041-7442042


  • All applicants must be owners of a current registration log books to be able to apply for the transfer of the vehicle.


  • Motorcycles 74,000
  • Motor vehicles and other vehicles with dual-purpose exempting light goods vehicles 84,000
  • Other motor vehicles tractor trailers, tractors, trailers or engineering facilities 104,000


  • There is no time limit for validity.

Processing Time

  • The maximum processing time can be up to 10 days.


  • Complete the application form precisely
  • Do you have all the documents required be read
  • An application separate to the other one must be completed to the each Motor Vehicle Transfer.
  • New vehicles need to be registered and titled before they can be issued.

Requirements Information

  • Registration number of the vehicle;
  • The engine number of the vehicle that is used for the motorcycle.
  • Chassis number
  • The name of the owner currently in use (as as recorded in the book of logs);

Information that can be useful

  • If the importer has reached an the agreement of Customs and Head Legal department of URA for partial payments, no transfer is affected by not having paid the dues.
  • In this case it is common to have an agreement that is and signed by all parties regarding the amount to be paid in installments , and the the time frame for payment.
  • For vehicles equipped with personal plate numbers, number plates cannot be transferred.
  • The vehicle needs to be registered again and given new numbers and number plates must be returned prior to any transfer takes place.
  • In the case of transfers from minors an adult, the approval of an High Court judge is necessary.
  • If letters of administration are in existence in the first instance, the transfer must be transferred in the name of the person who will benefit.

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