How to Apply for Transport Goods License (TGL) In Uganda

Apply for Transport Goods License (TGL) In Uganda By Online

  • Transporters Goods License (TGL) is a license issued for a vehicle or vessel that is carrying Transit Goods.
  • The Customs Department is mandated to issue licenses for vehicles and vessels that carry Customs-related goods
  • The application process and issuance of these licenses is automated and will be completed online, as described in the following.

Online application: First step
Log in to the system

  • The applicant must access Uganda Revenue Authority online portal via Uganda electronic Single Window Web portal Electronic single window The system is accessible via Uganda electronic Single Window web portal , where there is an option to access the portal for transporters and alternatively search for transportation companies.User will be directed to the application for transporters license portal.
  • Enter the user’s id (TIN) as well as password, and sign in using the Link the login button
  • The user will need to log in or create an account before logging in. Older users can login to the portal for transporters but new users will need to sign up for an account.
  • Users can choose to use their TINs for their usernames and then set up a new passwords.
  • You will find a link to the transportation application portal. Alternately, search for Uganda Revenue Authority and search for the transportation portal.

Step 2.

  • You can also alternatively type the portal for transporters. Users will now be directed to the application for transporters license portal.
  • Log in and create an account Log in and create an account using the link below. Log in to the portal for transport.
  • After having created an account, go to the account clicking Register.System will open an account registration page that allows users to fill in personal information and register an account.
  • Users will need to complete the required details, and then clicking submit, click the button

After submission, users should log in to the portal of the transporters and begin applying for TGL.

  • In order to apply for TGL to apply, click on the application form.
  • The system will take the user to an application page in order to fill out the application form.

Step 4.
To open the new application form, the applicant must click on the Create application.
5. Step
A new application form will be available for the user to begin filling in.

  • If it’s a brand new application, choose new and then renew for existing applications.
  • The system will fill automatically the application number.
  • The user should choose the year they wish to have the license to be issued.
  • The office for the request is the customs office which will handle specific applications. The applicant has the option to choose any office of their preference.
  • The preferred inspection location is the the customs office where the applicant would like the vehicle to be examined. For instance, W008 for UGKLA
  • The country of registration is the country in which the motor vehicle was registered.
  • The code for the agency is Uganda Revenue Authority
  • Click next to continue filling in application. The system will direct the user to the details of the owner of the vehicle page.
  • The owner’s TIN field is optional. User fills TIN details. It doesn’t have to be an Ugandan TIN
  • After filling in the details of the owner of the vehicle After that, the user can click next to fill in the Applicant’s representative information.
  • The user clicks next to fill in the details of registration for the vehicle.
  • The engine number is not required for the case that the you are driving being transported by a trailer
  • The applicant must continue to fill in every field and submit the application by clicking on submit icon.

Step 6
The user must check the box to verify that the details provided are authentic and correct.

  • The system will inform the user that form was submitted successfully
  • At this point, the application will be sent to Asycuda in the meantime of the approval of Asycuda and the payment.

Step 7

  • Assignment of Inspectors
  • A binder for transporters licenses was created by Asycuda World.Before inspection can take place within the system, there is a need to establish the inspectors, chief inspectors and inspectors inside the system in order that the system can be capable of assigning them inspection duties.
  • To establish inspectors, an authorized user clicks on the uesw binder, configure transporters License and Inspection Officers.
  • For adding chief inspectors to the list, an authorized user clicks Transport Chief Inspectors’ license.
  • In order to assign inspectors the user connects to the Asycud world system and clicks on the binder for uesw, Transportationers License, Inspection License, and right clicks on the.
  • The user searches for the application using various criteria for searching and clicking, and retrieves.

Step 8.
Click in the Inspitem tab, to select the inspector. The system will open a new pageand the users will be able to choose an inspector from the selections in the dropdown.
Step 9
Click on the assign icon to complete the task.

  • The system assigns the an application to the selected inspector.

Step 10.
The Transporter will bring the actual motor vehicle for inspection at Customs Location. Customs Location, which they have chosen in the application.

  • Inspector will inspect vehicle to verify that it’s in good shape and that the details of the motor vehicle on the application are in line with the actual vehicle. Then, he will add remarks on inspection. If everything appears to be in order inspector will press the icon that indicates inspection completed and the system will update status of the application to being inspected.
  • After inspection, your application is now ready to be approved. The officer who approves will then click on Transportationers, Inspection, and License Right-click on the link the item, then retrieve.
  • The System will be opened and the users will be able to see the vehicle’s details as well as the inspection results.
  • If the application is approved the approving officer will accept the application by clicking on the approve icon, which has the green tick. In other cases, the officer can ask questions or deny the application.

Step 11.
The payment and license will be issued after approval, your application is ready to be paid.

  • Transporter logs in to Single Window transporters module, with their existing username and password. Application.
  • This payment symbol will be made available after the application is approved
  • A payment receipt will appear upon pressing the icon for payment. the transporter will take payments, and the system will issue a licence after the payment.
  • The applicant is also able to log in into the portal (transport website portal)and print the License.

Documents Required

  • Number of the Engine in the vehicle.
  • The engine number of the vehicle that is used for the motorcycle.
  • Chassis number.
  • The name of the owner currently in use (as as recorded in the book of logs);
  • Log book Number
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Color of the vehicle
  • Modality of the vehicle
  • Registration Number.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Revenue Authority Headquarters:
Plot M193/M194, Nakawa Industrial Area,
P.O. Box 7279 Kampala, Uganda.
Phone: +256 414744000, 0800117000 (toll free)
Website:Uganda revenue Authority
Additional offices include: Kampala South situated at Old Kampala Mosque,
Kampala North is located within Bwaise (Mulago Kalerwe Round about).

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Crested Towers (Tall Tower)
Tel: 041-7443000, 041-7443134

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Nakawa (HQRS)
Tel: 041-7440000, 041-7442042


  • All vessels and vehicles that carry transit goods.


  • The cost of the fees is based on the vehiclecapacity of the vessel.


  • The validity period is for one entry.

Processing Time

  • Maximum Processing time is 2 days.


  • Complete the application form precisely
  • Make sure that all documents required are be read.

The Information You Need

  • Registration number of the vehicle;
  • The engine number for the vehicle.
  • Chassis number
  • The name of the owner currently in use (as on the record book);
  • Registration details for the vehicle.
  • Country of Registration.
  • Inspection location

Information that can be useful

The application process and issuance of this license has been made automated, and will be done online. Transporters do not need to login to Asycuda to submit an application but must log in to the single on the web portal to access the transporters module.

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