How to Apply for Travel insurance In Uganda

Apply for Travel insurance In Uganda By Online

  1. You must obtain the application form from the insurance company closest to you throughout all of Uganda or at the closest Ugandan Embassy or consulate.
  2. Please fill in the application form, including all the details
  3. Alongside your application, be sure to submit all required documents.
  4. Following the review and approval of the documents you have submitted After review and approval, the office in charge will issue a draft of payment that you can present to the bank and pay the amount required plus the bank’s charge
  5. The next step is showing the bank receipts, and, upon confirmation of the transaction you will be informed when to pick your travel insurance certificate based on the number of days.

Required Documents For Apply for Travel insurance

  • Full name
  • Three recent, color photos of 3×4 cm in size with a white background. You can also write your name in the middle of the photograph.
  • Birth date
  • The place of birth
  • Proof of identity that is valid
  • Address

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Rwenzori Towers, Second Floor
Plot 6, Nakasero Road. 4241=”” kampala,=”””” uganda.Tel: +256414-561700
Website: Ministry of Tourism.

Uganda Regulatory Authority
Legacy Towers, Block B 2nd Floor.
Street: Plot 5, Kyadondo Road, Nakasero.
P.O Box: 22855 Kampala Uganda.
Phone: +256 417-425500
Site: Uganda Regulatory Authority


  • Any foreigner who wants to visit Uganda should purchase travel insurance that covers all their requirements when traveling in Uganda.


  • The cost of travel insurance coverages that come with optional insurance is different from one insurance company to the next, usually starting at about UGshs. 200,000


  • Valid for 1 year.

Processing Time

  • Maximum time 14-21 days


  • Foreigners are strongly advised to protect his/her self against the risk of any danger and make sure that all their belongings have current travel insurance that covers the duration of his/her time in Uganda.

Requirements Information

  • Visitors are required to submit biometric information to be able to obtain travel insurance, before obtaining a visa for visit Uganda.
  • One completed visa application form.
  • Four recent passport-size photos
  • Visa authorization telex/invitation that has Reference number of Uganda or travel agency proof that you have been sponsored by a company which will assist in the issue of the Travellers Insurance visa

Information that could be helpful

  • Travel insurance covers medical expenses and financial losses while travelling, such as loss of luggage,non-refundable per-payments,trip cancellation fees,loss incurred as a result of bankruptcy of tour provider,theft of or damage to personal possessions including money,travel documents and passports, accidental death, and emergency evacuation/repatriation.
Usually , the standard policy covers:

  • Trip delay
  • Trip interruption
  • Trip cancellation
  • Luggage delay
  • The loss of luggage and personal effects
  • The loss of sports equipment
  • The flight connections were not made because of airline schedules
  • Car rental collision coverage
  • Security evacuation
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Medical care expenses
  • Accidental death
  • Repatriation costs
  • There are a variety of travel insurance like tourism for leisure, business or adventure travel. Each of that cover specific situations, countries and conditions. It is highly recommended that you ensure yourself against any potential danger and make sure you have current travel insurance coverage for the duration of your trip, and that the insurance policy will cover personal injuries medical expenses, repatriation and expenses.

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