How to Apply for Unemployment Benefit In Barbados

Apply for Unemployment Benefit In Barbados By Online

Anyone who wants to claim unemployment benefits should visit the Unemployment Section located at the E. Humphrey Walcott Building at Culloden Road, St. Michael to fill out an application form and sign in the National Employment Bureau, Warrens, St. Michael.

This link will provide more information regarding applying for benefits and the calculations that are related to benefits: Further Information

Office Locations and Contacts

The following link gives contact details and office addresses of offices to be contacted to inquire about the National Insurance Scheme : Contact Information


  • Must have been covered by NIS during at minimum 52 weeks prior being laid off.
  • At least 20 payments made to your account during the three consecutive quarters that ended prior to the quarter during which you lost your job.
  • You must have paid at seven contributions during the previous quarter prior to the one when you lost your job.


The benefit is paid for each day of unemployment with the exception of Sundays, for a maximum of 40 weeks over an uninterrupted period of unemployment. It is also payable for an overall period of 40 weeks over the 52 weeks preceding the week in which you are currently unemployed.


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