How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits In Bermuda

Apply for Unemployment Benefits In Bermuda By Yourself

  1. Go to the official website of the Bermuda Government through this link: Apply Online
  2. How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits In Bermuda
    How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits In Bermuda
  3. Select “COVID 19 form” right below the bar of information to open the next page.
  4. Scroll down to the Unemployment Benefit Application.
  5. Click on the link (Proceed to Application for Unemployment Benefit) to open an application template.
  6. Review the terms of the Agreement and verify the required documents. Then click “Proceed”.
  7. Complete the form, and then download the required attachments.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions of the agreement and submit the form for processing.

NOTE Forms for application that are hardcopy are available at Hamilton Post Office lobby. Hamilton Post Office lobby

Required Documents For Apply for Unemployment Benefits

  • Status verification letter (depending on your Bermudian status)
  • Photocopy of Passport Information Page and Registered Bermudian Stamp or a copy of the voter’s identification card (for Bermudians)
  • Copy of the Official Spousal Letter by the Department of Immigration (for Spouse of Bermudian)
  • The Permanent Resident’s Copy (for the Permanent Resident Certificate Holders)
  • Copy of the official Work Permit Card (for Workers with Work Permits)
  • Medical practitioner’s letter informing the patient of the necessity of quarantine (if appropriate)
  • The evidence of tax-payer submissions of two months (if self-employed)
  • Copy of bank statement to confirm the address, name and account number

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports:
Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building,
4th Floor 4th Floor Court Street
Hamilton HM 12
Tel: (441) 294-9146


  • Full-time employees (more than fifteen hours daily)
  • People who receive Financial Assistance do not qualify for the unemployment benefit.


  • Free


  • Applications are strongly recommended to be submitted online

Requirements Information

  • Names
  • Contacts
  • Address
  • Information about employees
  • Employer Information
  • Bank details

Documentation is needed

  • This application allows unemployed people to get financial assistance when they meet the criteria

Information that could be helpful

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