How to Apply for Veterinary Health Certificate In Uganda

Apply for Veterinary Health Certificate In Uganda By Online

  1. Importers and Exporters of animal products should obtain a veterinary health certificate for each consignment.These certificates are provided from the Department of animal health at Ministry of agriculture, animal industry and Fisheries.
  2. Every request to obtain an Veterinary health Certificate under this requirement must be submitted in writing and should include the information that the commissioner might require.
  3. Before beginning the process, you’ll have to determine the breed of animal that is traveling to the destination country, the name of the country as well as the date when you depart from Uganda as well as the extent to which the shipment will be travelling on its own, as cargo or with a person inside the aircraft’s cockpit.
  4. The buyer must determine the date when the shipment will be travelling and what the destination country will it be.
  5. The applicant should consult with the veterinary officer to determine the nation’s requirements, which may include tests, vaccinations or other treatments.
  6. The applicant needs to develop a plan to make sure that all needs are met within the defined time frames.
  7. The applicant must ensure that the veterinary official gives the medical certificate in the timeframe that is set by the country of destination.
  8. The Veterinary Health certificate validity period (time frame in which the certificate may be used in the course of travel) will be noted on the medical certificate.
  9. After the Veterinary Health Certificate is issued by the veterinarian in charge and has been endorsed by the appropriate authorities as required, the shipment can be released for dispatch.

NOTE:Airlines may have separate and different requirements. It is essential to check with your airline to find out the requirements they have, and if they have any.

Required Documents For Apply for Veterinary Health Certificate

  • Request letter for a certificate of veterinary health (original)
  • Recommendation letters written by Department Veterinary Officer.
  • Inspection report for consignments from the Department Veterinary Officer/MAAIF inspector.
  • Export/Import permit
  • Firm Records
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Certificate of fumigation
  • Biosecurity measures
  • The proof of payment is via Uganda Revenue Authority payment slip
  • National Identification Card.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. (MAAIF)Directorate of Animal Resources/Commissioner for Animal Health
Department of Animal Health.
Lugard Avenue Entebbe
P.O. Box 102 Entebbe, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 320 006
Contact Email:
Web site: Ministry of Agriculture


Anyone who is carrying out Veterinary Health business in Uganda the jurisdiction, excluding those exempted by the Veterinary law License Act are qualified to get a Veterinary Health Certificate.


Certificate charges UGX 40,000 to obtain a medical certificate for veterinary use


The validity period is 6 months.

Processing Time

Maximum time 2-3 days

The Information You Need

  • Name of the client
  • Where the shipment will go
  • Port of exit
  • Quantity of export
  • Information about Package
  • Signature
  • Date.

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