How To Apply for Water and Sanitation Connection In Algeria `

How To Apply for Water and Sanitation Connection In Algeria

Application procedure:

  1. Requesters can apply for an water connection from the Algeria sanitation and water firm (SEAAL) agency at the address of their current or planned residential, business or commercial premises
  2. Visit the SEAAL agency close to the premises and ask for assistance, you will be provided with an application form. Complete the form accurately, and include the required documents, and then submit them to the official in charge.
  3. If your connection is compatible with the requirements of the “standard” connection, you will be charged according to a package. If not, an expert team is sent out to your location’s to assess the charges for connection.
  4. After payment of the fee when the due date is reached, the technical team will be dispatched to the premises, and the design of your connection is determined and your meter will be is activated.

Documents Required Water and Sanitation Connection

  • A photocopy of the ID you have.
  • Copy of the deed that you signed of title or your occupation title (title of ownership rental contract allocation decision or building permits)
  • Legalized copies of your commercial registration. (Register when your subscription request concerns a company.)
  • Documentation of the payment of connection fees

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Office Locations and Contacts

Algeria Water and National Sanitation:
Headquarters: Carrefour de SidiArcine Route de Baraki BP 86 Kouba.
Algiers 16000. Algeria
Tel. : (213) 23 92 21 82 – (213) 23 92 21 76 – (213) 23 92 21 77 /
Fax: (213) 23 92 21 71
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How To Apply for Water and Sanitation Connection In Algeria `
How To Apply for Water and Sanitation Connection In Algeria `

Algeria Water and Sanitation Company (SEAAL) agency: Space

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Anyone who lives in Algeria


An “standard” connectivity (without network extension or execution restrictions) is invoiced on the basis an arrangement:

  • The cost of water connection is 20000 DA without tax (2014 prices)
  • Connection costs for sanitation: 40,000 DA exempting tax (2014 price).

If your connection can’t be done in an “standard” method or for non-domestic use, a SEAAL technician will be on site to provide a quote.


  • Connection to sanitation and water are in effect as long as the user pays monthly in time to avoid disconnecting the service.

Processing Time

  • Get a water connection within 18 days
  • Get a sewer connection within 21 days


  • Applications forms can be obtained from Water and Sewerage agency offices all over the country.

Requirements Information

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Zone/Estate
  • The type of supply
  • Pin number
  • I D number

Documentation is needed

  • This document provides applicants with a instructions on how to apply for sewage and water connection in Algeria
  • Everyone in Algeria is entitled to safe and clean drinking water in sufficient quantities, and in accordance with reasonable standards of sanitation, as set out by the constitution of Algeria

Information that could be helpful

If you sell your home or home or move or relocate, you have to end your contract with SEAAL. For this to happen, visit your SEAAL agency and provide all the documents listed below:

  • The water bills.
  • A copy of the ID.

The index of your watermeter will be taken to determine the account termination invoice and your account will be shut down. You’ll have to pay for the consumption of the period that is not yet invoiced, and the amount due for any outstanding invoices.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Monthly bills for water and sewage are used to prove the existence of residence

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