How to Apply for Water and Sewage Connection In Ivory Coast

Apply for Water and Sewage Connection In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • In order to apply for water or sewerage connection, you must approach your local Ivory Coast water distribution company (SODECI) branch office offices within their district. They will then inform you of your interest.
  • Be sure to read the form since it has a several sections. If you have any issues or difficult questions, please seek help from the support staff.
  • Send the completed form with accompanying document (listed in the following) to the staff member in charge to be verified and processed.
  • Make sure you pay the deposit application fee and you’ll receive an acknowledgement.
  • Following the submission of your application officials from SODECI, SODECI visit an applicant’s (your) premises to inspect and assess the possibility or non-feasibility of a connection. After when the applicant is receive a report of the findings report.
  • If the connection is not possible, the Company’s Connection Team shall state the reason for this to the applicant.
  • When the connection is possible If the connection is feasible, the company’s Connection Team shall determine the closest point of connection the mains service and supply applicants with an estimation of price for connection.
  • Based on the cost quoted and connection fees If you are required to make the payment in the SODECI office and you will receive receipt.
  • After the payment of the applicable charges, External work, meter installation and other important processes will be carried out in order to ensure you have get access to water in just the next 15 days.

Required Documents For Apply for Water and Sewage Connection

  • National Identity Card (CNI) also known as the resident card
  • Letter of Allocation, or the topographical extract , or title deed or the building permit for the land to be provided;
  • A valid authorization from the owner that is authorized and signed, in the event that the person applying for permission is not the owner of the premises.

Office Locations and Contacts

SODECI SA (Societe de distribution d’eau de la Cote d’Ivoire)Headquarters: 1, Avenue Christiani, Treichville, Abidjan
Address Address: BP 1843 Abidjan 01
Customer relations center: 175
Telephone: (+225) 21 23 33 00

SODECI Agencies Branches contact link :link


  • The service is available to everyone


  • Deposit fee of 16,500 FCFA (Refundable)
  • Subscription fee: 2,756
  • Cost of normal connection , without a meter of 170,630 FCFA
  • Cost of normal connection the meter 166.886 FCFA
  • An additional quotation cost will be provided in the following situations
(i) Tarmac crossing
(ii) Construction of manholes to the counter
(iii) 15 millimeter diameter connection with a length of which exceeds 6 meters


The water connection will be in place for the duration of time until the date of the payment of the water bill. This will results in the termination from the water service.

Processing Time

15 working days from the time you fill out an application, and then paying the connection fee.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the company or applicant
  • The type of connection (domestic/industrial commercial)
  • Contact information of the company/applicant
  • The address of the house that requires connection
  • ID Card/Passport number

Documentation is needed

All water connections to Ivory Coast are done by the Ivory Coast water distribution company (SODECI)

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