How to Apply for Water Right (Water Connection) In Bermuda

Apply for Water Right (Water Connection) In Bermuda By Online

  1. Fill out and submit the application form through the official government site of Bermuda website, or download it using the link in the “Documents to be used” Section below.
  2. Make the payment in person at the Cashiers located on the ground Floor, Government Administration Building 30 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 12 or through Cheques payable to the Accountant General. receive the evidence of the payment.
  3. Create the application in one file with the payment proof and send it by post to the address listed within “Office Locations & Contacts”
  4. The Department will examine the application and inspect the construction site to confirm that the site is in compliance with standards.
  5. A hydrogeologist will decide if the proposed flows on the Water Right application can be in line with the current demands for the lens. The results of the hydrogeologist as well as other aspects will be evaluated in the Environmental Authority during their monthly meetings.
  6. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources will follow up regarding the result.

Note:The Environmental Authority has the ability to terminate Water Rights or take other measures to regulate the usage of ground water within the best interests of the community.
For more information contact the department: email or visit

Required Documents For Apply for Water Right (Water Connection) 

  • Application form
  • Proof of the payment

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Environment & Natural Resources:
Botanical Gardens,
It is 169 South Road,
Paget, DV-04

Department of Environment & Natural Resources
P.O. Box HM 834, Hamilton HM CX.
Phone: 239 2303


  • Residents and citizens of Bermuda


  • Domestic well (less than 500 Imperial gallons a day) Amount: $90 every five years
  • Commercial Well (more than 500 imperial gallons of water per day) $550 every five years


  • Five years later, you must reapply

Documents to Utilize

  • Water Right Application Form: Form


How to Apply for Water Right (Water Connection) In Bermuda
How to Apply for Water Right (Water Connection) In Bermuda


  • You have to submit a request for water permit prior to building a borehole or well. You must get approval from Bermuda Environmental Authority Bermuda Environmental Authority before the borehole or well can be constructed.
  • A borehole or well must be located at least 20 feet away from an ejector and no further than 10 feet away from the boundary of a neighbor’s property. It is suggested that to notify your neighbor prior to arranging for a drilling rig be moved into your property.
  • Well water is often used to flush and may be used for other purposes like washing. However, it should not be used to drink since harmful contaminants and bacteria could travel through the rocks to your well. Well water that is not treated should never be connected to a home tank, and it should not be pumped out to truckers.

Requirements Information

  • Information about the property owner
  • The type of property
  • Water rights of different types used for
  • Equipment or facilities which will be serviced by the well requested or borehole
  • Agents Details
  • Owner’s declaration of authorization the representative to confirm application

The Document is required

  • This document allows you to construct a bore or borehole for domestic or commercial usage in Bermuda

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