How to Apply Replace Loss or Damaged Vehicle License Plate in Nicaragua

Apply Replace Loss or Damaged Vehicle License Plate in Nicaragua

  • Collect all the documents you’ll be required to provide or submit for the application. All documents needed must be original Be sure to save one copy for the event of need.
  • Fill out an application and submit it along with other necessary documents.
  • Make payment for the fee of application.

Required Documents For Replace Loss or Damaged Vehicle License Plate

  • Original Certificate of Registration of Vehicle
  • Checking the vehicle Certificate (except tractor inspection certificates, construction vehicles, and agricultural).
  • The Gas Emission Certificate (except trailers or construction vehicles, tractors, and agricultural vehicles that have less than two years in use).
  • A Certificate of Insurance (except trailers)
  • Documentation of the payment of the fee
  • For plates missing For plates that are lost: A written account (signed and sealed)
  • Identification card of nationality for citizens and Certificate of Residence to foreigners
  • For legal entities For legal entities: Articles of Incorporation
  • For representatives A notarized power of attorney

All documents that are required must be in their original format and you should keep a copy in the event of.

Office Locations and Contacts

Centro de Documentacion (CEDOC) – National Police

National Police Directory


  • A new plate for the license: C $ 200.00

Motorcycles C $ 175.00

External Links

  • National Police – Nicaragua:




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