How To Apply Subdivision of Land In Cameroon

How To Apply Subdivision of Land In Cameroon

  • In order to request the an area to be subdivided, you need to contact the town hall in the municipal office in the region where the land is situated.
  • An application form needs to be completed and submitted along with the required documents to Mayor of the Municipal Office.
  • The mayor conducts an investigation into the area which has been sought for subdivision and, after that, accepts the request.

Documents that are required Subdivision of Land

  • A stamped, signed and dated application from the landowner , his agent, or any other person holding an entitlement to the parcel of land.
  • A planning certificate
  • A brief report that provides details about
  • Density of occupation and the capacity estimate
  • The kind of construction equipment and leisure equipment
  • The illustration of the suggested solutions to the issues of electricity supply and water and waste water treatment the treatment of waste, and fight against fire networks
  • Transport in use
  • A listing of tenants, owners and real owners concerned with the demarcation of their plots
  • In assessing the economic effects of financial transactions, and social predictability is a must.
  • To determine the impact for the environment
  • Building rules
  • A plan that incorporates altimetry [12], planimetry for the creation of roads, lots parks, green areas sports fields, and possibly connections to waterways and railways.
  • A site plan to the scale of 1/5000th or 1/10 000th th extract from a planning document , if it exists clearly indicating the location on the ground.
  • A comprehensive plan for all allowances system and equipment needed to move them to the public domain
  • A work plan that outlines the nature of the projects to be carried out and the possible conditions for execution in slot.

Office Locations and Contacts

You must go to the town hall in your local municipal office in your region.



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