How to Apply to Become a Marriage Officer In Bermuda

Apply to Become a Marriage Officer In Bermuda By Online

  1. Create the required documents for your application . And if you’re not a Bermudan You must get an official document from the Department of Immigration’s approval to allow you to get married in Bermuda.
  2. Pay the application fee and attach document of payment to the application.
  3. Send the entire application to the general registry by the email address: (fax: (441) 292-4568
  4. Once your application is received The registry will then verify the application to ensure that it is compliant with the regulations set by law. They will then take their decision on whether to approve.
  5. After the application has been approved after which after approval, the Registry General will contact you regarding the collection of the license and any other useful documents should they be required.

NOTE for non-Bermudians an additional letter is required to be submitted by Bermuda Department of Immigration. Bermuda Department of Immigration requesting permission to travel to Bermuda for a marriage ceremony even if you’re in no way a citizen of Bermuda.

Required Documents For Apply to Become a Marriage Officer 

  • A Copy or certificate of Ordination or a written confirmation of your qualification from the top religious authority in your area
  • Prove the payment
  • For those who aren’t Bermudans an official document from the Immigration Department that gives approval to allow you to conduct an engagement ceremony in Bermuda.

Office Locations and Contacts

Register General:
Government Administration Building
30 Parliament Street
Hamilton HM 12 Bermuda
Tel: (441)297-7709 Fax: (441) 292-4568

Bermuda Department of Immigration
Government Administration Building
30 Parliament Street
Hamilton HM 12 Bermuda
Tel: (441)297-7940
Fax: (441)295-4115


  • Ordained ministers of a particular religion i.e. ministers belonging to or of Christian, Jewish, Baha’i or Muslim faiths can apply for an marriage Officer license.


  • $105


  • Validity of licenses is clearly stated on the license

Processing Time

  • Contact the authority responsible to obtain information regarding processing to better plan your schedule.


  • The application process can be completed by you or by a higher ministry within your administration
  • It is contingent upon approval, so you must submit your application in the requisite time to avoid delays
  • You need to obtain an original copy of the immigration department’s approval in the event that you are not a citizen of Britain.

The Information You Need

  • Names
  • Title
  • Occupation
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • Church details
  • Wedding date if you are planning a you are planning a wedding

Documentation is needed

  • You need to be registered with the registry general in order for you to conduct a marriage ceremony within Bermuda and this certificate proves that you’re registered

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