How to Apply to Change Name Ownership or Management of a Pharmacy. In Uganda

Apply to Change Name Ownership or Management of a Pharmacy In Uganda By Online

  1. Permission to change name and Ownership of Pharmacy can be obtained by contacting the National Drug Authority.
    • The management of pharmaceuticals is controlled by the National Drug policy and Authority Act.
    • A pharmacist who wants to alter management must be licensed and have a valid license.
    • Anyone who plans to submit an application for a change in Name, Ownership, or management are advised to become familiar with the applicable laws and regulations to make sure they are in compliance.
    • The production, management prescription, importation, and distribution of drugs in Uganda are overseen by the National Drug Authority.
  2. Complete the application form in accordance with the guidelines of the National Drug Authority.
    • The proposed changes need to be supported by appropriately qualified staff like pharmacists, pharmacist technicians, or certified chemical professionals.
  3. If there is a change of ownership, the person applying must provide documents of sale like copies of the sales agreements between the buyer and seller as well as an most recent certified board resolution for sale as well as the most current memorandum of agreement and articles in the event that it is applicable.
  4. After filling out the form, follow the instructions to pay the required fee of 500,000Ugshs. to the bank with the name of the National Drug Authority.
  5. Complete the duly filled-in form along with the payslip to pharmacist In charge of owner changes or name change in the area in which the building is situated or near the health district inspector office where officers will conduct an inspection of your premises.
    • NDA will not be required to provide permission for the change of ownership of pharmacies that are opened in violation of the established procedures and will not be held accountable for any claims arising from financial loss.
  6. The applicant must have a supervising registered pharmacist associated with the business prior to when the application is filed to change management, ownership, and name since this is a common procedure for processing.
  7. Request your Permission to Change the Name, the Ownership or Management of the Pharmacy at the time you submitted your application within two working days from the date your application was received by the National Drug Authority in case there isn’t a rejection.

Notice: It is a shared responsibility of the person in-charge as well as the owner of the applicant or the Pharmacy to make sure that the certifications from the in-charge that are that are submitted to NDA is authentic and valid.

Required Documents For Apply to Change Name Ownership or Management of a Pharmacy

  1. A letter of approval from the Ministry of Health
  2. Prior approval by the National Drug Authority
  3. Proof of Services/business-registration/registering Pharmacy Business.
  4. Original registration certificate (Business name)
  5. The drug certificate is verified at National Drug Authority. National Drug Authority.
  6. Certificate of Incorporation (Company)
  7. The Proof Letter of Uganda Registration Services Bureau
  8. A previous certificate of the suitability of premises
  9. Evidence that the drugs included in the application for ownership changes are the Essential Drugs Listed in Uganda.
  10. The proforma invoice for Drugs that is submitted to the Ministry of Health (MRU) is also required.
  11. Current Certificate of the full name as owner of the Pharmacy.
  12. A list of drugs and other items found in the pharmacy.
  13. GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) The certificate is to confirm that the Pharmacy is in compliance with international standards for manufacturing medicines.)
  14. Certificate of Registration (this is a proof that the drug are in the Pharmacy have been approved and is currently available throughout this country.)
  15. Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products (this is a certificate that is granted by Medicine Regulatory Unit (Ministry of Health) from the country.)
  16. License to operate a retail or wholesale pharmacy.
  17. Certificate of Full Name of Pharmacist. It is an evidence of business entities that are legitimate.
  18. In the event of a change of the supervisor of the pharmacist from one pharmacy to the next, evidence that the pharmacist in the company is acting as a director must be provided to the National Drug Authority.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Drug Authority Secretariat office
Plot No. 19 Rumee Towers, Lumumba Avenue,
P.O. Box 23096 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256-414-255665,
Fax :(256) 41-255758
Web site: National Drug Authority

The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda,
Pharmacy House
Plot 1847. Kyambogo, Banda.
P.O. Box 377 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: 256-414-348-796
Website:Pharmaceutical society of Uganda


The person who is qualified must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a “licensed pharmacist certification”;
  • The law is in place, and you must adhere to the professional code of ethics;
  • physical health, which can be maintained when pharmacists are employed in a profession;
  • The practice unit and the practice unit are in agreement.
  • Willing to transfer ownership of management and pharmacy name.
  • Are willing to transfer the entire practice unit of personnel in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process management, staff, and “Licensed Pharmacy name “.


Fees for changing Name and Ownership Ugsh500,000 Ugshs.


The validity is extended for an additional amount of time.

Processing Time

Maximum processing 2 days.


  • The procedure for permission to transfer of ownership should be monitored by an accredited pharmacist living in Uganda.
  • The name change and ownership of Pharmacy must be in accordance with National Drug Authority Guidelines as defined in the NDA Policy.

The Information You Need

  1. Name of the proposed License Pharmacy Holder (if it is a limited company, mention the name of country and number of years of license).
  2. License Number (if available).
  3. Pharmacy Business Information.
  4. Address of the principal premises.
  5. Location exact of the property that this application concerns.
  6. Specific Activities in relation to which this application is submitted.
  7. Structure and capital development within the Pharmacy.

Information that can be useful

  • All applicants should gather applications from the following places:
  • District Assistant Drug Inspector (DDI) located at the DHO’s office. DHO in each district.

Regional office that is located at the following places:

    • Central Region-Premier complex Nakawa.
    • South Eastern Region-Rippon Gardens, jinja
    • Eastern Region-Kwapa Road, Tororo
    • Northern Region-Erute Road, Lira
    • Western Region- Mugwana Center,Plot30,Old Toro Road Hoima
    • South Western Region-Kamukuzi, Mbarara
    • West Nile Region-Plot 1 Mt. Wati Road Anafiyo-Arua NDA headquarters, Plot No. 46-48. Lumumba Avenue, Kampala
  • A pharmacist will not be permitted to supervise the pharmaceutical operations within two establishments and must inform NDA at the moment of application:
  • The duration and time the employee is expected to be physically present at all area
  • The name and qualifications for The name and qualification of the Professional Auxiliary Staff (PAS) to serve as a substitute pharmacist in the event of his/her absence physically, while attending to the pharmacy of another
  • It is illegal to open or transfer a drug shop in any location without the previous approval for the establishment from the National Drug Authority.
  • A drug store is classified as unlicensed and shut down it’s operations if the National Drug Authority has not received the request for renewal of licenses before the 31st January of the following year.
  • The facility is closed and operations shall cease immediately the premises are licensed. The applicants are encouraged for renewal of their licenses prior the expiration date of their current licenses.

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