How to Apply to Get Married In Malta

Apply to Get Married In Malta By Online

  1. Three months prior to the wedding date, couples need to make a formal request for the publication of marriage banns in the Public Registry. To avoid long lines, couples are advised to make an appointment in advance by calling the number: 25904 200 or 25904 212 7.
  2. When you are scheduled to meet it is your responsibility to supply all the required documents and information.
  3. Ten days before the wedding date, the couple must take three documents from the Marriage Registry and submit them to the parish priest of the parish in which the wedding ceremony will be held.
  4. Following after the Nuptial Mass, along with witnesses and the priest who administered the Wedding Sacrament the couple will sign their marriage Certificate The bride must use her maiden surname or, if widowed, the late husband’s surname.

The marriage of a Maltese citizen and a foreigner who have lived in another country for a duration: Applicants should seek more details at the office of the marriage registrar, as foreign applicants will be required to submit a recent Free Status Certificate (that should not be issued more than three months in advance of the wedding date) as well as other documents legalized when submitting the application. Couples who plan to get married in Gozo are required to apply for wedding banns through Gozo’s Marriage Registry in Victoria, Gozo.

Weddings can be held on passengers vessels (Cruise Liners) registered in Malta. The ceremony of solemnizing Civil Marriages has also been assigned by Local Council Mayors. In all instances the couple must apply for the Marriage Registry.

Civil Marriages

The Marriage Registry also provides services for Civil Marriages. Couples who decide to get married in the option of a Civil Marriage have to satisfy the same formalities and obligations that are required for a marriage with a religious ceremony.

An Civil Marriage may take place at the Marriage Registry or any other place of public use that is deemed acceptable from the Marriage Registrar.

Required Documents For Apply to Get Married In Malta

  • Birth certificates (In the case that the birth date of applicants date is not recorded at the Malta Public Registry)
  • Identification cards as well as copies of them
  • Photocopies of identification cards of the witnesses.

Office Locations and Contacts

Public RegistryEvans Building, Merchants Street, Valletta VLT 2000, Malta
Tel: (356) 2590 4200

Office hours:

  • Monday through Friday 0715 – 1400
  • Wednesday 0715 – 1400, and 1500 to 1800
  • Saturday: 0730 – 1100

Documents to Utilize

Application Formula:

  • Go to on the link
  • Scroll down until the end of the page.
  • Utilize the drop-down menu to select the type of form you require
  • Download the form


The Marriage Registry receives requests for the publication of Banns for civil and marriage unions occurring in Malta. Requests for publication of Banns are accepted within 3 (3) months as well as the six (6) weeks preceding the wedding date or the civil union. The banns will be published up to five (5) up to (4) days prior to when the marriage ceremony or union is scheduled. Marriage Registry also provides a marriage registry. Marriage Registry also provides the ceremony of a Marriage Room where Civil Marriage as well as Civil Unions can be performed.

Requirements Information

The Marriage Registrar will require the following details:

  • Religious marriages:
    • The church or the location in which the wedding will take place
    • The date of the marriage
    • Name and Surname of the Priest who is going to perform the marriage ceremony.
    • The name that the bride will use after the wedding (her maiden name, husband’s, or [in cases of widows] the name of her spouse who died).

The Document is required

Here is the procedure for how for a wedding in Malta.

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How to Apply to Get Married In Malta
How to Apply to Get Married In Malta



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