How to Apply to join International criminal Police organization. (Interpol) In Uganda

Apply to join International criminal Police organization. (Interpol) In Uganda By Yourself

  • The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) is an inter-governmental organisation. They all work together to create more secure.
  1. To be a part of an international criminal police force (Interpol for Uganda) The applicant must get in touch with to the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL Headquarters in Uganda police at the following link Interpol and fill out an Application form according to the guidelines of and submit an Application form as prescribed by National Central Bureau of INTERPOL
    • Applications are considered from Ugandan citizens in both non-combatant and military service for the purpose of ensuring that the Organization is truly representative of all Ugandan.
    • post to join the international criminal police are available exclusively for applicants who are nominated from Member States through their Permanent Mission to the United Nations; candidates applying on their own are not eligible.
  2. Anyone who wants to apply for membership in international police should be submitted by the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL Headquarters. Applications must be submitted with the help of the application forms and following the directions on the application form.
  3. If an applicant fills out an application form location of the person who is submitting the form must be clearly stated, and the application must bear a police sealor stamp.
  4. When submitting your application form, please be sure that you’ve attached all of the documents required which are listed under the section on Required Documents of this page.
  5. The international police, through the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL Headquarters review and respond to requests in accordance with written representations and documentation only. They are not able to conduct hearings or oral arguments other than in extraordinary situations.
  6. Before submitting an application for admission to the international Police The applicant has to make sure that the request is in line with the mission that is assigned to the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL as stated by the statute of the Commission and is in compliance with the criteria for admissibility set forth in the Operating Rules of the Commission and that all documents required are supplied.
  7. The National Central Bureau of INTERPOL can request additional documents or additional information after an initial request. These documents must be provided within the timeframes specified by the Bureau.
  8. If an official from the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL decides that a request is admissible and admissible, the following procedure is followed according to the nature of request made.
    • The designated police official for the force’s Military or Police, will acknowledge receipt of the application and attachments by signing off on the properly filled-in application form for joining the International Criminal Police.
    • If the submission is an e-mail submission, the official designated for the police or military department will verify receipt of your submission along with attachments by email.
  9. Following this process The police officer in charge must verify that the applicant meets all applicable laws for joining the International Police and that the candidate is free of any negative background. If they are satisfied with the applicants documentation, an interview will take place and the candidate will be recommended for joining International police.

N.B communications regarding this process will be made through Police Administration only. The DPKO/DFS Executive Officer will not answer personal questions from applicants individually.

Required Documents For Apply to join International criminal Police organization

  1. A valid postal address.
  2. Personal Histories Profile (PHP) Formula (P.11)
  3. Document proving identity of the applicant
  4. A scan of each diploma and degrees that are listed on the application.
  5. Employment proof for each of the positions previously held and that are listed as part of the request (salary slip and contract, recommendation letters, etc.);
  6. An Criminal Record Certificate issued in the last three months which includes unaffordable and spent sentences (if there are any) in the country where you resided for more than a year within the last five years, and also from your country of origin.
  7. Contact details and the name of two references from a professional (outside the scope of INTERPOL). These individuals must have worked directly with you and, if they are able to do so, in a position of hierarchy, and must not be family members.
  8. If applicable, employment document (Supplementary Sheet) filled out and signed by designated candidate
  9. Military/Police Employment and Academic Certificate form issued by the appropriate military or police authority. It contains information about the applicant’s academic degrees/courses as well as employment records.

Office Locations and Contacts

Head of the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL, Kampala.Directorate of International Relations and INTERPOL
Plot 12 Mabua Road, Kololo
P.O.Box 34203,Kampala Uganda.
Tel: +2564114500698
Fax: +256414 500696
website.Uganda Police Force
Website: Contact address at the bottom of the website

Uganda Police Force Headquarters:
PO BOX 7010 Kampala Uganda,
Katalima Road, Naguru
Tel: (256) 414233814/
Tel:( +256) 414250613
Emergency: 999/112
Fax: (256) 414255630
website.Uganda Police Force
Contact Us: contact address at the bottom of the website


  • Any police officer who has the proper documents is eligible to join police forces International police.


  • Free of charge


  • Valid for 3 years.

Processing Time

  • Processing can take 6 months after when you have submitted your application


  1. All applicants must present the Criminal Record Certificate.
  2. The application process will not be considered within the deadlines set on the job posting.
  3. Candidates are not allowed to attach the application with the certificates of their degree earned medical or medical forms or copies of their passport.
  4. Nominations that are received after the deadline date cannot be accepted.
  5. Nominations that are submitted on forms different than the one supplied are not accepted.
  6. Nominations submitted via mail, fax or other format will not be considered.
  7. Nominations for military or police officers currently in a position of secondment to the UN are not accepted.

The Information You Need

  1. Employment Record-Supplementary Form to be used to provide additional employment details.
  2. Form for the Military/Police Academic and Employment Certification form.

The Document is required

  • This document is essential since it acted as a voice for police around the world as they engaged with government officials at the highest levels to promote cooperation and the use the international service of police.

Information that can be useful

  1. Interpol is managed by civilians and police. It has an office in Kampala, an international center for development in Singapore as well as several satellite offices spread across various regions.
  2. In every country there is the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) serves as the central source of information for General Secretariat and other NCBs. An NCB is overseen by police officers from the national level and is usually part of the ministry of government responsible for police oversight.
  3. The General Assembly is the governing body that gathers all nations once each year to make decisions.
  4. Interpol’s goal Interpol is to create an open and diverse working environment that attracts, cultivates and sustains the talent of police.
  5. Around one-quarter of the staff members is police officers supervised by their local administrations. three quarters of them are civil servants from abroad who are directly hired on contract from the Organization.
  6. Staff members are required to work in four different languages (Arabic, English, French and Spanish) however, a understanding of English is essential for the majority of positions.
  7. NTERPOL offers four official languages, English, French, Spanish and Arabic. For the majority of jobs, an understanding of English is essential and will be mentioned in the job vacancy notice in the event that other languages are needed.

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