How to Apply to Join Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) In Uganda

Apply to Join Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) In Uganda By Yourself

  1. An application in writing is required to be sent directly to Ministry Of Defence and Veteran Affairs Human resource Department on the dates specified in the advertisement, based on applicants’ region of origin.You can visit their website at the following link Uganda Peoples Defence forces UPDF
  2. Choose the application Form from Ministry Of Defence and Veteran Affairs Human resource Department, which must be filled out in triple-split and sent the completed form in the Ministry Of Defense and Veteran Affairs Human resources department.
  3. Applications can be obtained at the numerous centers for recruitment across the nation according to the advertisement.
  4. The application should include the title, as well as reference number of position being applied for.
  5. The applicants must include the following documents prior to making their application
    • Three recent passport-sized photos,
    • Three sets of photocopies that are certified of their academic transcripts as well as
    • Certificates and National Identity Card (ID).
  6. Candidates must apply for not more than 2 (2) posts, clearly indicating the first and second choices against the position they are applying for.
  7. Candidates who are later selected for oral interviews will be required to provide these documents :
    • Originals and certified copies of academic transcripts
    • Certificates when you sit interviews.
    • Your personal information (like your full name, birth date and address)
    • Your educational history and experience as well as your qualifications
    • Your employment history
    • Any convictions
    • Your financial situation as well as any business concerns
    • Tattoos that you’ve got
  8. Before you can join the UPDF You will need to take a fitness and medical test to ensure that you’re fit and have the endurance to be an Army officer in the UPDF.
  9. In the next step, the applicant must not have been found guilty of any crime in any tribunal of law.
  10. Furthermore the successful candidates need to be prepared to complete twelve (12) months intense training prior to their the time of their deployment.
  11. Then, you’ll go through thorough background and security checks. which include searches on local and national databases of information
  12. If you’ve passed each step of the process of applying, you’ll soon be able to attend further training and recruiters will provide information you require to know about the future training schedules and the subsequent steps.
  13. Candidates who have been selected are required to attend one or all of these Army Training Schools;-
    • UMA Kabamba Military school
    • JCSC Gadaffi Jinja
    • Uganda Military Engeneering college
    • Oliver Tembo Leadership School Kaweweta
    • School for training in armoured warfare
    • Non-commissioned officer Academyfor the 12-month intensive Training Course.
  14. After successfully completing the training course at Army Training School, for an entire year, you’ll be permitted to join Uganda Peoples Defense forces and you will be provided with all the required equipments, including a brand new Army Uniform.

Required Documents For Apply to Join Uganda Peoples Defense Forces

  1. Handwritten applications
  2. Formulary for application 3(2008)
  3. Three photocopies or copies of the certificate/results slips.
  4. Three (03) recent passport size photographs.
  5. Photocopy of National identity card for citizenship and ID card from former school.
  6. Good conduct certificate with no criminal record
  7. An endorsement letter from L.C. I am the chairperson of your villages.
  8. Recommendation Letter by L.C II and L.C III chairpersons of Districts of Origin.
  9. An established telephone number for the applicant.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF)Plot M193/M194, Mbuya Hill Kampala,
P.O. Postal Box 3798 Kampala, Uganda.
Phone: +256 414565346/7/8/9,
Website:Uganda Peoples Defense Forces

  • Scroll towards the very bottom of page. Contact details are listed.


Eligible candidates must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Must to be Ugandan citizen, and with an Original National Identity
  2. You must be physically and mentally fit and ready for a physical and medical body checks as well as a road race to test your endurance and body fitness.
  3. Regular recruits are female and male adults between 18-25 and professionals between the ages of 18-30 years.
  4. Must be single with no children.
  5. Regular recruits should have the minimum education requirement of S.4 (UCE) (UCE) or S.6 in science disciplines. Original school certificates from the last three years ago with school ID is required.
  6. Doctors with degrees or diplomas in medicine Engineering, Chemistry, Engineering vocational and teacher skills.
  7. Candidates must be in good standing without a criminal record. Letters of recommendation coming from LC I, LC III, GISOs duly signed are essential to prove their behavior.


  • All phases of the selection process are completely no cost. Do not make any payment to anyone for any services during the recruitment process.


  • The validity period lasts until retirement or the removal of the force.

Processing Time

  • Maximum processing time is 12 months.


  • Presenting fake documents is a crime and those who commit it are liable for prosecuted.
  • Successful recruitment to UPDF is contingent upon successfully completing the UPDF training.
  • There is no way to retreat or surrender after joining the army.

The Information You Need

  1. A proof of registration form is provided at the time of arrival
  2. Name of the person who is applying
  3. Birth date
  4. Background in education
  5. Family history
  6. Physical address and postal address
  7. District district
  8. Parish Location
  9. Village
  10. Citizenship

The document is needed

  • The application provides the applicant with the chance to be hired by the Ugandan government as an Army officer

Information that can be useful

  1. Let it be known that enlisting in UPDF is not a simple process. UPDF does not mean an off the hook job offer it is an obligation of a patriotic nature to serve our nation. Uganda in a profession that demands a great deal of commitment and dedication beginning from the day of enlistment until the end of the service.
  2. Peace and stability are an essential element of economic and social change for any nation.
  3. The goal is to recruit extremely patriotic and well-organized Ugandans willing to join regular, professional, and specialist units. This is an chance the UPDF to fill in the gaps caused due to retirements, and tap the abilities of people who have a background in the science disciplines required by an army of today.

External Links


Here are the centres for recruitment across the nation:
Lyantonde District (Lyantonde Centre): Candidates from Kyotera, Rakai
Masaka District Headquarters (Masaka Center): Candidates from Masaka, Bukomansimbi, Kalangala, Kalungu, Lwengo.
Mukono Dristict headquarters (Mukono Recruitment Centre): Candidates from Kayunga Buikwe, Kayunga.
Jinja District, (Jinja Recruitment Centre): Candidates from Jinja ,Mayuge, Namayingo –
Kamuli District (Kamuli Recruitment Centre): Candidates from Kamuli , Kaliro, Buyende.
Wakiso (Wakiso Centre for Recruitment Centre): Candidates from Wakiso Kololo Recruitment Centre Kampala: Candidates from Kampala
Iganga District Headquarters: Candidates from Iganga, Bugweri, Bugiri, Namutumba, Luuka.
Tororo District Office: Candidates from Tororo, Butaleja, Busia
Budaka District Headquarters: Candidates from Palisa, Budaka, Kibuku, Butaleja , Busia.
Soroti District Office: Candidates from Soroti,Amuria Katakwi serere Kumi, Ngora Kapelabyong
Mbale District Headquarters: Candidates from Mbale Sironko, Bulambuli, Bukedea,Bududa,Manafa and Namisindwa.
Kapchorwa District Headquarter: Candidates from Kapchorwa, Bukwo, kweeni.
Moroto District Headquarters : Candidates from Moroto,lusot,Napak, Nakapiripiti,Nabilatuk,Amudat.
Kotido District Headquarters: Candidates from Kotido,Kabongo, Karenga,Abim
Masindi District Headquarter: Candidates from Masindi, Kiryandongo, Bulisa
Apack District Headquarters Apack District Candidate: Apack Kwania Omyam, Kole.
Lira District Headquarters: Candidate from Lira, Dokolo Alebtong,Otuke,Amolatar
Pader District Office: Candidate from Pader,Agago
Kitgum District headquarters: Candidate from Kitgum,Lamwo.
Gulu District headquarters: Candidates from Gulu,Amuru,Nwoya Omoro, Gulu
Nebbi District Headquarters: Candidates From Nebbi,pakwach, Zombo



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