How to Applying for Animal Registration permit (local animal movement permit) in Nigeria

Applying for Animal Registration permit (local animal movement permit) in Nigeria By Yourself 

  • To apply for an Animal Registration permit (local animal move permit) on the spot, applicants has to go to the Animal Husbandry Services Department of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Nigeria.
  • The address and contact information of the FMARD are available on the following page: Link

  • Visit the office to pick up an application form to apply for a Local Animal Movement Permits as appropriate to your needs from the appropriate department.
  • Check to see if you have all the documents you need under the “Required documents” section on this page.
  • Complete the application form by filling in all pertinent information in the relevant sections. Sign it when you are done.
  • After you have completed your applicatio n, you can attach the necessary documents and send it to the authority responsible at the office.
  • After the application is submitted, the application along with other documents will be sent to inspection and verification.
  • Once the verification and verification processes are complete the application will be accepted and officials are then able to take the required steps to issue the permit.
  • Once the document is in the process of being taken in, the person who requested it will receive an official notification from the office. The applicant will be able to collect the document by any of the methods that are in place.

Documents Required For Applying for Animal Registration

  • Application form completed
  • Letter of Requisition in Formal
  • A certified proof of identity or passport for the applicant.
  • Medical Report from Veterinary Hospital
  • The receipt or proof of payment must be presented.
  • Any supporting document (as instructed)

Office Locations and Contacts

Animal Husbandry Services Department,Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Nigeria
Kapital Road, Area 11,
Telephone: +234-(803)-000000
Site: Link
Contact Link: Link

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone who owns an animal in Nigeria who would like to move the animal(s) that are in their possession from one location to another in the Republic is eligible to apply.


You can contact the authorities to inquire about fee details.


  • The applicants can inquire with the department about the needed documents that must be included to the application form.
  • Candidates are advised to fill out the application form carefully and in complete detail with perfect clarity and accuracy in order to avoid rejection. In addition, all required documents should be provided fully.
  • Candidates can inquire with the office about fees and payment procedures If they have any questions.

Requirements Information

  • Information about the applicant
  • Identification document number
  • Address details
  • Contact details
  • Banking details
  • The details of the activity

Documentation is needed

  • It is necessary to obtain an animal Registration permits local movements is required in the event that an Nigerian animal owner wants to move the animal(s) in their possession from one location to another in the Republic.



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