How to C In Belize

C In Belize By Online

The Belize City driver’s license acts as an identification card. It gives a driver ability to travel throughout Belize using a motor vehicle. The person who holds the ID is required to carry it while driving and when applying for renewal.

Apply in the person

  1. Visit the traffic department at your residence to fill out an application
  2. Complete the application form on the application form
  3. Send the form along with the expired or prior driver’s license
  4. The assistant officer will verify the information and prepare an invoice.
  5. Make the payment through the cashier.
  6. Your application will be processed
  7. Go to the Traffic office to pick up a new driver’s license

Other councils provide express renewal, make sure to check with your council if they can accept applications through the express service.

Required Documents For C 

  • Complete application available from
  • Driver’s license that was expired or not valid for a while

Office Locations and Contacts

Belize City Council
City Hall, 109 North Front Street, Belize City, Belize
Web site: Belize City Council

How to C In Belize
How to C In Belize

Tel: +(501)-822-2219 / 822-2038
Fax: +(501)-822-3717

Belize City
Tel: +(501)-223-6802
Fax: +(501)-227-6831

Tel: +(501)-422-2364

Tel: +(501)-522-2416

Orange Walk
Tel: +(501)-322-2228
Fax: +(501)-322-3221

Punta Gorda
Tel: +(501)-702-2244
Fax: +(501)-722-2636

San Ignacio
Fax: 824-3302
Contact for the Department of Transport


All holders of a driver’s license with a Belize driver’s licenses are eligible to renew their license


  • $60.00 BZ


  • Maximum Time of 3 Years

Documents to Utilize

Renewal form for driver’s license

Processing Time

  • Within a day


  • It is crucial to renew your driver’s license at least 30 days prior to when expires in order to avoid fines for late renewal and driving with an expired license.

The Information You Need

  • Photograph of the Owner
  • Name of the owner
  • Signature of the owner
  • Address of the Owner
  • LIC
  • Date of issue of license
  • Date at which the license expires
  • Birthdate
  • The type of vehicle that the driver can operate the vehicle with the license of the Driver.
  • Weight
  • Sex
  • Eyes
  • Height
  • Signed by Traffic Manager
  • Barcode

Documentation is needed

  • The Belize City driver’s license acts as an identification card. It gives a driver right to travel in Belize using a automobile..

External Links

Belize City Council
Government of Belize

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