How To Cancel Apartment Registration In Austria

How To Cancel Apartment Registration In Austria

1.) You can apply for de-registration via the mail or be handed over by someone you trust. However, deregistrations by either fax or email are not allowed by law.

Minors who are de-registered must be performed by their parents, legal guardians or others who have the right to take care of the minors. Custodians [Sachwalterinnen/Sachwalter] are required to carry out the de-registration for mentally handicapped persons as long as this procedure is part of their field of action. If there is no need for such persons, the providers of accommodation must complete the de-registration.

2.) To apply for de-registration you will need to fill in the residence registration form [Meldezettel-Formular] which makes it possible for the registration authorities to enter the registration data into the register. The form is available for download and can be obtained from the registration authorities. Additionally, it’s available at a few tobacconists.

A separate registration form for residence must be completed for each individual who would like to apply for de-registration. The signature of the lodging provider is not required to deregister.

3.) You will receive a written confirmation of de-registration [Besttigung der Abmeldung].

Documents that are required Cancel Apartment Registration

  • Official identification with photo [Amtlicher Lichtbildausweis (Identittsnachweis)]

Office Locations and Contacts

Registration Authority

Municipal Offices

City Council


Vienna City Administration, Rathaus A-1082 Wien


How To Cancel Apartment Registration In Austria
How To Cancel Apartment Registration In Austria

Municipal District Offices:


De-registration is not expensive.

Documents to Utilize

  • Residence Registration Form


The registration must be completed within three days prior to or after the day of move-out.

Registration authority:

  • A Town Hall or the Municipal Offices
  • In cities that are statutory – the City Council
  • In Vienna there is it is home to the Municipal District Office

The Document is required Cancel Apartment Registration

De-registration by the appropriate registration authority [Meldebehrde] is required to be completed when a person decide to leave their home at the Austrian residence.

If a new home is registered with the authorities responsible for the new residence is in a position to effect the de-registration or Ummeldung or change of registration of the previous residence along with the registration for the residence of choice. In this situation, a no separate de-registration is required.

De-registering and registering is crucial because even if no accommodation is found or the accommodation that is in place is not vacated the act is considered an administrative offense that could result in a fine up to 726 euros. If the offence is repeated, the fine could be as high as 2.180 Euro.

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