How to Cancel Gun Licence In Uganda

Cancel Gun Licence In Uganda By Yourself

  1. To cancel a firearms license, the license holder needs to make contact with the Chief Licensing officer in the Firearms Licensing Board in person within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Contact and address information of the board responsible for licensing firearms is available at the Ministry of Internal Affairs Head office , which is listed in the office’s address along with the section on contact in this protocol.
  2. The licensee must apply to annul it in writing and send it to the Chief Licensing Officer. The application form is readily available and can be obtained from the office of the chief licensing officer in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  3. Complete the application form and send it with all required documents as listed under the “Required Documents” section of this page.
  4. The applicant must also include any relevant information as to the reason for wanting to end the license.
  5. The applicant is then required to present their firearm to the firearm licensing board, which is located at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  6. Once this procedure is completed, the applicant will be issued a written confirmation along with the approbation.
  7. The application is available free without charge.

Required Documents For Cancel Gun Licence

  • Firearms certificate
  • Identity documents (ID or Passport)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Internal Affairs Firearms Licensing Board
Plot 75, Jinja rd.
P.O.Box 791, Kampala
Fax: +256 424 434 088
Site: Ministry of Internal Affairs.


You must be the holder of a firearms permit


The application is available free to download.


The validity lasts forever or until a new license is issued.

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 3 days

Requirements Information

  1. Names of applicants in full
  2. Address and physical details
  3. Firearm license number/ details
  4. The reason for the cancellation

The Document is required

  • This application permits a firearm license holder to revoke his licence.
  • Anyone who has obtained a firearm certificate or gun license can transfer the permit to the Chief Licenses Official in the Firearms Licensing Board as a consequence of:
    • The license can be cancelled at any time.
    • If an officer of the licensing department revokes the firearm certificate, he must through a notice in writing, ask the owner to surrender the certificate of firearm.

Information that could be helpful

  • The Firearm Licensing Board is Responsible for overseeing, regulating and licensing the production, importation of exports, repair, sale and usage of ammunition, firearms, air guns, and other destructive devices.

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