How to Cancel Power of Attorney In India

 Cancel Power of Attorney In India By Yourself

  • To cancel an unregistered powers of attorney make an instrument of Revocation.
  • The deed that is not registered should be notarized, stamped and notarized by the authority in charge.
  • The deed of revocation should contain the reason the power of attorney being removed, as well as the date on which the power of attorney was revoked and the consequences of the action.
  • The notice must be properly delivered to the Attorney to allow beginning the process of revocation.
  • A notice of cancellation of the Power of Attorney must be made public in a national or local newspaper.
  • Additionally, this publication must also be provided to all parties interested in the same.

Procedure for registering a irrevocable Power of Attorney

  • A Revocable power of Attorney that has been registered prior to a registrar or sub-registrar may be cancelled with the help of the Deed of Revocation.
  • When the deed is drawn up. It must be recorded at the spot in which”POA” was executed “POA” was signed.
  • The deed has to contain the reasons for the revoking, the effective date of the revocation as well as the possible consequences.
  • The revocation certificate must be registered at the appropriate Sub-Registrar office.
  • Visit the office and confirm the date of registration.
  • Stamp paper to register and cancellation Power of Attorney (POA) according to the estimated value.
  • On the date set, the witnesses and the person who is the primary witness must go to the office of the registrar and wait until they are seated.
  • In the time slot they have been scheduled Please follow the guidelines of the authorities for processing.
  • Please show your ID in the original format before the registration officer.
  • After verifying the details in person After verifying the information in person, the registrar signs the appropriate order.
  • The principal person and witnesses must also sign the registry as at the designated places of the form to complete the registration.
  • After the deed has been drawn up and registered the copy is required to be delivered to the Attorney to inform them of the revocation.
  • Then, a paper announcement is required to be issued following the issuance of the Deed of Revocation in order to making certain that the public all over the world is informed of the power being removed from it.


Anyone who are registered must have originals of ID evidence and proof of address at the time of registration.

Process to create the issuance of an Irrevocable Power of Attorney

  • The power of attorney that has the provision that it is irrevocable is revoked by the principal or The Power of Attorney holder.
  • To revoke an irrevocable Power of Attorney, the person who is the principal or Power of Attorney holder is obliged to publish an open notice in local newspapers. If they fail to do so the revocation is ineffective.


  • In the event of a breach of power an revocation notice may be issued, and in certain particular cases, an appropriate court may be contacted to declare the removal of the POA.
  • However it is important to note that the power of attorney automatically becomes invalid or cancelled in the event of insolvency, death or insaneness of the executor or even the Attorney in those cases when the main function of the POA is fulfilled.
  • However, it is crucial to remember that it’s extremely difficult to cancel the irrevocable Power of attorney especially if the Attorney who is concerned is interested in the matter of this power of attorney.

Required Documents For Cancel Power of Attorney

  • Revocation Deed
  • The proof of identity of the principal and agent, and witnesses (Aadhaar Card Voter ID card Driving Licence etc.)
  • Address Documentation of Parties.
  • Aadhaar card
  • A copy of the Power of Attorney


In addition to the documents above, the office of registration may request additional documents or information. You must provide them to process.

Office Locations and Contacts

Sub Registrar Office,
Chandni Mahal, 4/7, Asaf Ali Road,
Chandni Mahal, Chatta lal Miya,
Chandni Mahal, Chandni Chowk,
New Delhi, Delhi 110002,
Phone: 24626011
For contact details Link


  • When the ‘Principal’ would like to cancel the ‘POA’ that was granted to the agent, they may make an application for the revocation.
  • One of the words “Principal” or “Agent” is deemed to be unsound.
  • The ‘Principal’ or ‘Agent’ has been declared insolvent by an appropriate legal court with the jurisdiction.
  • The owner of the “POA” would like to give up or surrender the power he has.
  • The intention behind the execution of this ‘POA’ has been accomplished.
  • In the event of an Implied Revocation” mentioned as a condition of the “POA” signed by the two parties.


  • Stamp duty and registration fees differ in different States of India.
  • Make arrangements to obtain the stamp paper to be registered as per the instructions or in the event that it is applicable.
  • Document preparation costs are among the other charges that are incurred.


  • A POA will always be invalid upon the death of the principal, or the date of expiration stipulated in the document.
  • The purpose to that the authority was granted, is achieved.
  • until the power of attorney is cancelled or revoked the use of a deed of cancellation registered (as it is the case when the power of attorney for the property is recorded).

Processing Time

  • The registration process at the registrar office is completed on the that same day (If there was a foreseeable event that could occur on the following working day)
  • Preparation of documents as well as the stamp duty (exempted)

Requirements Information

The following are the necessary information to file a request for cancellation of POA

  • Name of the Principal Person
  • Father name of the principal person.
  • Contact details.
  • Document details.
  • Agent’s name
  • Address of the parties
  • Information about the property (survey number, the surrounding details of the land, size of the property, etc.)
  • Passport Size Photographs of the Parties.

Documentation is needed

  • The Power of Attorney is an official document that permits the person to act as the legal representative of an individual and carry out specific tasks for the benefit of the individual
  • An agent who is appointed as Power of Attorney (POA) will make the final decision in case of sickness or disability.
  • It is required to have an Power of Attorney registered in order to make it legal evidence in the court.

Information that can be useful

  • In any event, if there is a deficiency in stamp duty, the sub-registrar is in all power to deny your registration.
  • The original ID you provide is required at the time of registration to confirm authenticity. The ID will be returned that same date.



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