How to Cancel, Suspend the Certificate of Registration for internal Marketing of Coffee In Uganda

Cancel, Suspend the Certificate of Registration for internal Marketing of Coffee In Uganda By Online

  1. The Authority can, at any point, revoke the registration of anyone who has been issued the certificate of registration required to use the internally Marketing of Coffee, if the person applying for registration:
    • the applicant is unable to demonstrate the ability to process or store coffee in a suitable way.
    • the applicant is in a position to follow the rules of the Regulations regarding the filing of records and books, and the return filing process.
    • The authority will not award the certificate unless it has been confirmed that the establishment is safe for the store of coffee.
    • A person has been found guilty of an offence that involved fraud or dishonesty, or any other serious offence.
    • for a registered cooperative society or a registered cooperative union, is convicted of a violation in accordance with the Co-operative Societies Statute, 1991 and has informed that the Uganda Coffee Development Authority, in writing, of its decision to cease operations for which the individual was registered.
    • is in default of paying the annual fee that must be paid as per regulation for a period of more than thirty days from the date of due.
  2. The Authority will not revoke the registration for the internal marketing of coffee by any processor or buyer of coffee unless it is the
    • Authority has provided prior notice for the person concerned to provide the reason justification for the registration to be canceled.
  3. If the Authority removes the registration of any individual in accordance with the regulations, that person who’s registration is cancelled must surrender his document of registration to Authority.
  4. A certificate’s suspension is not to exceed a time 60 days.
  5. Anyone whose certificate has been suspended must be provided with an chance to appear before the Authority as soon as possible or seek arbitration.
  6. The person who’s certificate has been suspend by the Authority is not allowed to conduct any business with the certificate during the time the certificate is suspended and anyone who transacts this will be guilty of an offense.
  7. The Authority will whenever the issue that led to suspending any certification has been rectified by the holder the certificate, at the pleasure of the Authority remove the suspension of the certificate immediately.

Required Documents For Cancel, Suspend the Certificate of Registration for internal Marketing of Coffee

  • Conformity with the regulations on coffee and payment of prescribed fees.
  • Business-registration/registering-a-new-company
  • Profile of the company highlighting Memorandum as well as Articles of Association and the management and shareholders set up.
  • A Proof Letter from the Uganda Registration Services Bureau.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Coffee Development Authority Head Office.
Physical Address Lot 35 Jinja Road, Coffee House
Address for Postal Delivery: P.O.Box 7267 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 256940 / 312-260470
Email Address:
Site: Uganda Coffee Development Authority


  • Any registered company as a processor, grower exporter, managing the operation of a store, and who has met all requirements to register for a certificate of internal marketing of Coffee.


Certificate registration fee The amount is 500,000Ugshs


Validity: The certificate lasts for sixty days.

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time 3 week

The Information You Need

  • Address and full name of applicant
  • Information about the product or service to be exported
  • Name of the applicant
  • Address of the Applicant
  • The type of coffee that will be exported
  • Exports expected to be in the millions for the coming season
  • The method of coffee marketing (barter or private treaty long-term cash sales auction, tender.)
  • Export coffee is the main source
  • The shareholders of the Comp
  • Name of the agent to perform the Reprocessing

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