How to Cancel your Ration Card or Smart Ration Card In India

Cancel your Ration Card or Smart Ration Card In India By Yourself

A ration card must be removed in order to obtain a Surrender Certificate, so that the customer can request a new card under certain circumstances such as wedding and relocation, as well as transfer.

Application In Person

  • If you wish to cancel your the ration card, you must apply at the closest Ration Card office under the specific Block/Ward/ULB that is in your area.
  • Go to the appropriate office.
  • Applicant shall obtain the form from the respective office (please pay for the form if required) Or a written/electronically typed application on A4 plain sheet as advised shall be used.
  • Complete the cancellation form, the original ration card and necessary documents to the appropriate authority.
  • Authorities will perform necessary diligence with the application and supporting documents. They will confirm the information through their files.
  • Follow the guidelines of the authorities to continue processing.
  • After a satisfactory outcome, the customer is issued an cancellation certificate within the same day, or when notified.


  • In certain states, applicants must seek out services available over the counter such as CSC centers/e-seva, etc. to apply.
  • In certain states, applicants must apply through the department’s online portal.
  • Find contact information and application forms from the appropriate state portals by clicking the links provided for each of the states below.

Required Documents For Cancel your Ration Card or Smart Ration Card

  • Application form.
  • Original card for rations
  • Residence Evidence (Example Residence Proof (Examples: Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Aadhaar Card, Passport),
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size Photographs Note:
  • Original and copy of the original, with self-attestation as per the instructions of appropriate authorities must be provided as per the requirements.
  • In addition to the documents above, authorities could request additional documents or information. You must provide them to process.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Food and Public Distribution
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution,
Department of Food & PD,
KrishiBhawan, New Delhi – 110001.
Office Contact Links: link

Department of AR & PG,,
Sardar Patel Bhawan
Parliament Street, New Delhi – 110 001.
Phone: (011) 23360208
Fax: 011-23360352
Link for Contacts: Link for details


  • An active ration card owner.


  • Information on fees can be obtained directly from the office of the applicant in the process of applying.


  • The ration card you have cancelled or submitted is not valid anymore.
  • Usually, the Family ID Card is good for life and can be renewed after five years or on the announcement.

The Information You Need

The following are the necessary information to be able to apply.

  • Applicant details.
  • Address details.
  • Signature/thumb impression.

Need to have the Document

  • To implement the Targeted Public Distribution System(TPDS), Ration Card is given to all heads of families, and includes information regarding family members on the card. Based on their income individuals can purchase goods such as food grains, sugar and kerosene using the assistance of their card for rations.
  • The ration card is required for applying for a passport PAN card, residence certificate, or even to have your name added to electoral rolls in order to obtain an ID for the voter. Therefore, one must apply for a duplicate copy and get the original.
  • If a customer has to cancel or submit his/her card to be able to use a another one at the location the card was transferred to.

Information that can be useful

  • The eligible segments of society are supplied by the society with foodstuffs and commodities at a very low cost.
  • In each state, the Ration card is classified in accordance with the classifications set by the government.



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