How To Certificate of Life In Gabon

How To Certificate of Life In Gabon

  • To obtain a Certificate for Life, visit the closest Civil Status Office.
  • Make sure you have a valid photo ID. The person who registers you might ask you to show your identification card to verify your identity.
  • Make payment for the fee, and wait for the Registrar’s instructions on when you can return to collect your certificate.

If you’re outside Gabon

You can use the hyperlink that is listed under the “Office Contacts & Locations” section to reach the closest Embassy of Gabon in the country in which you are living. The consular service department of the Embassy is able to handle your request for an official certificate of life.

Documents Required Certificate of Life

  • An ID that is valid (original with photocopy)
  • Request for the certificate in writing

Office Locations and Contacts

Towns located in Gabon

How To Certificate of Life In Gabon
How To Certificate of Life In Gabon

Gabon – Embassies and Consulates look at the drop-down menu in the upper portion of the page.

The Document is required Certificate of Life

This document explains how to obtain the Certificate of Life in Gabon.

Other uses for the document/certificate

It is possible that you will need to provide the Certificate of Life in order to apply for certain benefits from the government.

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