How To Certificate of Origin In Algeria

How To Certificate of Origin In Algeria

The “Certificate of Origin (CO)” is a document that confirms the source of the export items. It is typically issued for products that are sold overseas as a continuous export. The certificate of origin can be required to prove customs or commercial reasons.

Apply in-person By Yourself:

  1. The applicant should go to an office at “Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry”.
  2. Link for contact details: link
    How To Certificate of Origin In Algeria
    How To Certificate of Origin In Algeria

  3. Visit the office of the appropriate department and talk to the authority designated to find out the latest application procedure in case there is one. Make sure you have your application forms.
  4. Application forms is available for download by clicking the following URL
  5. The applicant must submit all necessary documents according to the guidelines. If there’s a gap in documents required then the application will not be considered.
  6. Fill in this application. Attach all documents as listed under the “Required Documents” section on this page. Then, submit it to the authorized authority in person.
  7. When the application is accepted The authorities will then review the application and the documents submitted. If everything is in order it will then be approved with the appropriate fees.
  8. An acknowledgement receipt is then be given to the applicant to facilitate the filling out the application form, which is then kept by the applicant to be used in the future.
  9. From now on the applicant must adhere to the rules from the authority.
  10. If there’s a gap in the documents or specifics, the applicant must submit them in accordance with the guidelines by the authority.
  11. The certification will come upon having been signed and stamped by the authority issuing it according to the applicable rules.


  • Different types of certificates of authenticity that are mentioned above are offered at CACI trade bookstore, as well at wilayas chambers of industry and commerce.

Documents that are required Certificate of Origin

  • Application form.
  • A cover letter to be addressed to the authority concerned on the letterhead printed by the business.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Checklist for packing.
  • If the products are originated from outside the country,
    • Documentary proof for commercial use is a copy of the document of origin supplied from the producer.
    • A commercial invoice from a manufacturer or a supplier’s statement.
  • One copy of the Bill of Lading / Airway Bill.
  • One copy of the packing List to the concerned invoice.
  • Copies of trade registers along with the fiscal identification number.


Other than the above-listed documents, authorities could require additional information or documents. You must provide them with the information needed for an efficient process.

Office Locations and Contacts

Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,Palais consulaire 6 Bd Amilcar Cabral.
CP 16003 Alger. BP 100 Alger 1er novembre.
Place des Martyrs. Alger

The contact information below should be used to obtain further information.
Department of International Relations,
Sub-Directorate of External Exchanges
contact details: link

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The goods should be origin of the respective export/manufacturer’s country.
  • The manufacturer/exporter should not be a blacklisted company.


  • Pay as directed by the authorities.


  • It is proper to charge the stamp duty when payment is paid in cash.


  • The certificate is used to the consignment that is produced in accordance with an order for purchase. Thus, the validity of this certificate is applicable to the goods produced.

Documents to Utilize

  • The application form can be downloaded via the below link

Processing Time

  • It’s a process that begins after the entire set of required documents is provided.
  • The application is usually handled within 24hrs or in accordance with the timeframe that is communicated.
  • If a person’s application is approved, then it will issue the document in accordance with the time frame of the authorities.


  • Applicant can get a fee reduction through becoming a chamber member in accordance with the respective chamber rules.
  • The agreement which is signed by the applicant should include the following information.
    • The items are manufactured entirely by the country that exports them.
    • Information on the manufacturing procedure. *If the products aren’t originated in the nation of exporter The list of documents supporting the export are given as per the requirement.
  • A “CO” is usually made by the exporter products, contains at a minimum the essential information regarding the item being shipped, the tarif code that identifies the importer, importer, as well as the country of origin.
  • Documents that are written in a different language than English must be supported by a translation.

The Information You Need

  • The full Name of exporter (consigner).
  • The full email address for the Exporter (consigner).
  • The full name of the person who is the consignee.
  • The full addresses of consignee.
  • Name of the country in which you are going to.
  • Country of origin for the products.
  • Transport details (road/airfreight/sea freight).
  • Details of the credit letter according to the requirements.
  • Description of the product (item number numbers, marks, marks the kind of package, etc. ).
  • Quantity (weight in net and gross).
  • Application deadline.
  • The place in which the application was completed.
  • The full Name and Address of Agent (where they are a forwarding agent working for the consignor).
  • The exporter must sign a declaration.

The Document is required Certificate of Origin

  • ” Certificate Of Origin” is required to determine whether the products being imported or exported are legal, and if the import or export is subject to duty.
  • The certificate of Origin is a form of document that is used for international commerce. It can be printed or in electronic format it is signed by the exporter, and is then verified by a recognized issuing agency to prove that the products that are part of an export shipment are made, processed or manufactured in a specific country. A “Certificate of Origin” can also be referred to”Form A. “Form A “
  • The “Cos” also serves as an exporter’s declaration. Nearly every country around the globe considers the country of origin of imports in determining the duty to be assessed on the items or, in certain instances it is determined if the product can be legally imported at all.

Information that could be helpful

  • According to the Imports and Exports Regulations, it is illegal to be penalized for making a false statement on any certification of origin or permit.
  • Exporters must consult the customs Broker as well as the authorized certifying authorities to ensure proper classification of the items and tariff codes prior to completing the forms. It is equally crucial to read the notes that explain the forms at the bottom of every form, or in the department’s manual.

External Links

  • Follow the link to find out more details: link

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