How to Change Address in Ration Card In India

Change Address in Ration Card In India By Yourself

  1. Ration Card holders should go to their ration office or the nearest Ration Card office located in the concerned Block/ward/ULB that is appropriate to alter the address on the ration card.

If the customer relocates to a new address within the boundaries that is the Fair Price Shop, the move of the address will be noted on the ration card in accordance with the following procedure.

  • Go to the appropriate office.
  • Applicant shall obtain the form from the respective office (please pay for the form if required) Or a written/electronically typed application on A4 plain sheet as advised shall be used.
  • Complete the application along with all required documentation to the authority responsible for your application.
  • The authorities after reviewing the completed application together with the documents attached will enter entries and will provide you with a an identification number to use as a reference.
  • Secure it to be able to refer back in the future.
  • The application will be processed to issue the ration card with an the most recent address, as per the notified timeframe.

If the customer relocates to a new address outside the boundaries of the same Fair Price Shop, the alteration of address will be recorded on the ration card in accordance with the following procedure.

  • After these documents have been submitted in accordance with the address mentioned above and a cancellation slip is issued. The applicant must utilize this slip to have the card removed from the A-Register. They will also receive an authorization slip for deletion which is signed by the salesman who signed the card.
  • Pass the slip of deletion along with the Family card at the appropriate office, and you will receive an acknowledgement slip.
  • The modifications are then implemented on your family’s card. The applicant is able to pick up the new card at the time specified.


  • In certain states, the applicant must seek out services available over the counter such as CSC centres/e-seva to apply.
  • In certain states, the applicant must apply via the department’s online portal.
  • Find contact information and an application forms from the appropriate state portals by clicking the links provided for each of the states below.

Required Documents For Change Address in Ration Card

  • Application form.
  • Original Ration card
  • Photo Identity/Election Identification Card / PAN Driving license/Passport
  • Evidence of residence
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Self-declaration (as required)


  • Original and copy of originals with self-attestation, as directed by the respective authorities to be provided as per the requirements.
  • In addition to the documents above, authorities can request additional documents or information. You must provide them to process.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Food and Public DistributionMinistry of Consumer Affairs the Department of Food and Public Distribution
Department of Food & PD,
KrishiBhawan, New Delhi – 110001.
Office Contact Contact URL: link


  • An active ration card owner.
  • The applicant and the family members are Indian citizens, and must reside in the state.
  • The applicant and his family members cannot be able to present any family cards in any state in India (If they did have one, it must be removed).
  • The applicant and the members of the family have to belong to close families.
  • New born over 5 years old
  • The addition of a member’s name following wedding


  • Information on fees can be obtained directly at the department’s office when applying.


  • Validity remains the same
  • Usually , the family identity Card is good for life and is renewed every 5 years or upon the announcement.

The Information You Need

Here are the information you need to be able to apply..

  • Applicant details.
  • Names of additional members or individuals to be removed
  • Age and date of birth.
  • Address details.
  • Office title and occupation in any
  • Signature/thumb impression.

The Document is required

  • To implement the Targeted Public Distribution System(TPDS), Ration Card is issued to all the head of families. The card contains information about family members on the card. Based on their income the card holders can purchase items such as sugar, food grains and kerosene using the assistance of their Ration cards.
  • The Ration card is a must-have document for everyone living in India. The addition of members must be done in order to get the benefits of government. The membership must be renewed prior to the time it expires.
  • It is necessary to obtain a passport PAN card or residence certificate, or even have your name added to electoral rolls in order to obtain an ID for the voter.

Information that could be helpful

  • The people who are eligible in the society receive foodstuffs and products at a very low cost.
  • In each state, the Ration card is classified in accordance with the classifications set by the government.



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