How to Change Address of Pet Dog Registration In India

Change Address of Pet Dog Registration In India By Yourself

  • Applicant shall approach their respective civic agencies (municipal/corporation/local body) of their respective area from whom the license for pet dogs was obtained.
  • Find the appropriate office. Contact details are listed below in “Office Address”.
  • Visit the authority in question in the offices. The applicant must get the guidance from the authority to follow in order to record an address change.
  • Take the application form that is applicable.
  • Complete the application form along with all required documents as specified in the “Required Documents” section to show the proof of a change in your residential address.

Authorities will review the application and will announce the charges and fees. Make sure you pay the fee and receive the receipt. Contact authorities to receive a notification on the status of your application.

Required Documents For Change Address of Pet Dog Registration

  • Application form
  • Proof of ownership for the residence that shows changes in address
  • Dog owner’s Aadhaar Card
  • The undertaking from the applicant, if appropriate
  • Valid Pet registration license

Office Locations and Contacts

Palika Kendra
Parliament Street,
New Delhi-110001
24 Hour Supportline (Toll Free) 1533
Exchange No. PABX: 41501354- 60
Contact Link


  • You must have registered your pet and received an Valid Pet registration license and applicant must have changed their residence address listed in the license.


  • Follow the instructions from the authorities.


The validity of the licensed registration.

Requirements Information

  • The name of the dog
  • Other details are included in the license registered
  • A new address and proof of identical.

The Document is required

Making a change to a residential address is vital to keep the authorities updated on the situation of the pet. In the event that the pet dog gets lost authorities will be able to locate the dog’s owner and then return it to the address registered.



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