How to Change Business Ownership In Israel

Change Business Ownership In Israel By Online

  • Complete the business License Formulation Form. stating the reasons for the change of ownership and submit the following documents:
    • A declaration that states that the character of the company and/or or the building it is located in has not changed, made by filling out the Declaration Form.
    • An image of the rental agreement in force or title to the property.
    • The current versions of any document that were not present within the document.
    • Authorization for the owner of the business, in the event that the application was made by an individual other than the business owner.
    • Business plans – 5 copies.
  • Be sure to complete all the required documentation The service agent will not accept the application if it’s not complete.
  • Pay the fee to apply. The fee for licensing can be paid in the Licensing Authority offices by credit card, or by using cash from the Post Office or in a bank.
  • The application will be evaluated by the license examiner. The application will then be sent for more review to the appropriate authorities in the extra-municipal as well as municipal levels:
    • If the information contained in the file for business matches real facts the examiner will submit the application to authorities for extra-municipal licenses in order to get their views.
    • If the data in the file of business does not reflect the real facts or if any alteration was made to nature of the company and the premises that it is located in The licensing examiner will issue the owner of the business a notice of rejection, informing the business owner that a new license for business application is required.
    • Notification: Receiving an official letter of rejection automatically annuls any temporary permit issued to the owner of the business.
  • If an unfavourable opinion (rejection note) has been received by one licensing authority the examiner for licensing will forward an email to the owner of the business for correction of the mistakes as quickly as is possible.
  • When all the licensing agencies are in agreement with the application the company license can be granted from the license examiner. The owner of the business will automatically receive a license that can replace the current permit issued to the company.
  • In the event that one license authorities chooses to issue temporary permits (and there is no other licensing authority that has refused the application) or if any of the other authorities do not complete their evaluation within the timeframe legally required and the application was rejected by one of the authorities A temporary permit can be granted to the business, and its duration of validity will be determined by the shortest time that is specified in the evaluation by one licensing authorities, as stipulated by the law.
  • If any license authorities refuses this application business licence application will be denied.
  • If the applications were rejected, the business owner will have the option of appealing against the decision of the authority that rejected it by filing an appeal with the Court of Administrative Affairs within 60 days or, alternatively, appeal the authority’s decision via the Business Licensing Authority, within 30 days after receiving the rejection notice.

Required Documents For Change Business Ownership

  • Application form completed
  • A declaration that states it is true that the purpose of company and/or or its premises are not changing, and submitted with the Declaration Form.
  • Photocopies of your rental agreement in force or title to the property.
  • The current versions of any document which were not included within the document.
  • The power of attorney is for the owner of the business, in the event that the application was made by an individual other than the business owner.
  • Business plans – 5 copies.

Office Locations and Contacts

Licensing OfficeAddress: 13 Safra Square

Public Reception Time:
Sun. Mon. Wed. Thurs. : 8:30-11:30 | Tue. : 14:00-17:00
No receptions for guests on Fridays and holiday eves

Contact Numbers & Email addresses


A business that has gone through an ownership change (from an individual or private company an association, non-profit organization institution, or other entity that requires licensing) must apply for a new business licence application whenever the management or ownership of the company is transferred to an individual or organization other than that mentioned in the license (or business license) application (addition or retirement of partners or transfer of ownership to an entity other than the original owner, change of company name, transfer of rights to a different company).


  • Fee for changing business ownership 313 NIS.
  • To replace a damaged or lost business license the following number is needed: The cost is 157 NIS.

The fee for licensing is payable at the Licensing Authority offices by credit card or an electronic payment card from the Post Office or at a bank.


If any changes have been made to the to the conditions of the business or how the business, an application should be filed according to the procedures outlined within the Business License Application Form.

The Document is required

This process provides you with details on how to make changes to your business’s ownership with your local municipal office.

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