How To Change Name After Divorce In Austria

How To Change Name After Divorce In Austria

  1. Get all the necessary documents.
  2. Visit the appropriate authority to start to change your names following divorce.

Documents that are required Change Name After Divorce

  • confirmation of message
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of marriage (s)
  • Divorce decree or decree that is legally binding and has a legal confirmation
  • Documentation of citizenship
  • Official photo identification
  • In certain instances, there is documented evidence of a degree

Office Locations and Contacts

Registry Offices

To locate a registry office:

District Administrative Authority

To locate the District Admin. Authority:


Municipal Department 35

Immigration, Citizenship , and Registry Offices – Office management

1200 Vienna Road 93, Block C



How To Change Name After Divorce In Austria
How To Change Name After Divorce In Austria


Service number Service number: +43 1 40003535

Fax: +43 1 4000 9935010

Senate Councillor Head of Department Phone: +431 4000 35011.

Lower Municipal Councillor the Deputy Head of Department Call: +431 4000 35013 50 00711.

The office hours are:

Monday through Friday, 7:30 am 15:30 clock, on Thursday in addition, from 15:30 to 17:30 clock

Other than public holidays Good Friday and New Year’s Eve (24.12.) as well as New Year’s Eve (31.12.) from 7:30 to 12:00


To apply: 14.30 EUR


Competent authority

  • of divorced spouses: registry office for the marriage that was last (the application may also be submitted by any registry offices in Austria)
  • For children: the district administration authority for the residence or regular residence. Or the final address of regular residence within Austria:
    • In cities that have their own constitution The magistrate
    • In Vienna in Austria: the Municipal Department 35 (also known as the district administration authority for those who have not resided in Austria or had a habitual residency in Austria)
    • The administration of the district

Need to have the Document

The dissolution of marriage, also known as divorce is the end of the marriage between a couple who are married. This results in the cancellation of all legal obligations and obligations between the husband and wife.

In the event of a divorce both spouses can take any family name.

Name changes for the parents or parents in the event of divorce, can result in the determination of what the name of your child is. The decision will be made through the parental authority (in an upright double , or joint custody following divorce) when it is determined that the other parent’s permission or consent cannot be obtained at a reasonable price or with sufficient explanation sufficient. Children who are competent in their minds and are 14 years old and over can decide on the name to choose, in the event that one parent is solely responsible and the other parent has to be informed about the child’s preference for a name.

For questions, please call the registry office responsible for your area.

Information that could be helpful

Legal Grounds for Change of Name

In order to make the change Family-/Nachnamen One in the legally-enforceable grounds mentioned in this article must be:

  • The previous Family-/Nachname is absurd or insulting.
  • The family name is hard to pronounce, or is difficult to write.
  • If the person applying is of a foreign national and would like to have to have a family name for him/her it allows for classification in the domestic:
    • The request for name change has to be submitted ? within two years following the time when the benefits of Austrian citizenship.
  • The applicant applicant is seeking to be a member of a family named she has done so in good faith , and to be entitled to an out is
  • The applicant applicant is seeking an ancestor’s name, which she or who performed in the past has
  • The pros and the Familien-/Nachname as well as the day of birth of the applicant or the applicant are in line with the same data of another person , therefore accept that mistakes could be made.
  • The applicant applicant is seeking the name or names regardless of finding a surname within 93 to 93c in the General Civil Code obtained (Civil Code)
  • The applicant or the candidate intends to to apply for a surname, even after the initial Identity according to Code 155 of the Civil Code will
  • The applicant applicant is seeking an identity that is identical to that of their registered partner or registered partner of theirs and could be linked to the application in the most personal, unique, and not derivable legal name that was that was preceded or followed
  • The minor or the applicant with the minor’s first name, the applicant who is the custodian (or joint control of the plays) or is in the care that she or is, and the relationship between them is not just for an indefinite period
  • The applicant applicant has Austrian citizenship in addition to another citizenship . They want an Austrian family name. He is legally transferred to a different staff rules. The reason for the name change is to allow the same name as the two rights of native.
  • The applicant applicant has the ability to show that the change in his or her family’s name required to prevent unfair disadvantages in financial terms or in social interactions and avoid these disadvantages that cannot be prevented in another way.
  • The applicant applicant would like to use a different name for other reasons for a family name that is different (“Preferred Name”)

NOTE: From April 1st, 2013, the name of a couple is permitted on children. For more information about naming rights:

Change of the first name

The change in the first name for one of the statutory grounds enumerated must be as follows:

  • The first name of the former is in a way that is offensive or absurd.
  • The first name of the former is hard to pronounce or difficult to write.
  • The applicant applicant is a person of foreign origin and is seeking to use a name for her that helps in determining her status in the domestic:
    • This request for a name change must be submitted ? within two years of the date of acquisition of Austrian citizenship.
  • The applicant applicant would like to have to be given a first name, and has is or she has been honest enough to be legally entitled to use their name.
  • The applicant applicant is seeking to have a first name, and the applicant has performed prior right
  • The first and last names and the date of birth of the applicant or the applicant are in line with the data of an individual, therefore agreeing that errors could happen
  • The applicant applicant may prove that the change in initial name is required to avoid unfair disadvantages in terms of economic or in social relations and the possibility that these disadvantages cannot be avoided in any other way.
  • The applicant/the applicant would like to use to use a different identity (“Preferred Name”)
  • The child who is adopted as a minor should be given a different first name, or any other name that is not used to receive the name at birth. named:
    • This request for a name change has to be made ? within two years of the date that the adoption or the acquisition of Austrian citizenship.
  • The applicant or the applicant plans to alter his / his religion. He or she has the standing of a special relationship with the nun’s religious community name or the applicant in a special relation with the prior religious community’s name:
    • The application has to be made within two years from the change in religion.
  • The first name doesn’t correspond to the gender of the applicant or the applicant

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