How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Anguilla

How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Anguilla

The method you use for changing your name depends on the category you fall into. Change your name following divorce or marriage is an easy process, whereas changing your name simply because’ takes a bit more effort, however it is not difficult and much easier than it was in the past.

If you want to alter your identity, send an application to the area Superior Court that details the reasons why you’d like to change your name. Once the court has approved the petition, you’ll have to change the information on your Social Security card, driver’s license, and passport.

Documents that are required Change Your Name (Deed Poll)

  • Applications addressed to the Registrar
  • ID Card (original and photocopy)
  • Birth Certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

Judicial DepartmentCourt House Building
P.O. 706, The Valley
Anguilla, WI
Telephone: (264) 497 2377
Fax: (264) 497 5420

Registration Births, Deaths and Marriages
The Court House Building
P.O Box 60
The Valley

What Are All The Eligibility

Every person has the option to alter their identity.

Adults and children alike are able to change their names for many reasons.


In general, you can legally change the name of your family to any name you’d like to. However, there are some exceptions however:

  • It is not possible to change your name to avoid debt or to avoid criminal responsibility.
  • It is not possible to change your name to commit an act of crime.
  • It is not possible to change your name in order to deceive. This typically involves using the name of a celebrity. Courts generally do not permit this, unless you can provide compelling evidence that is not connected to the celebrity or the use of their name.
  • It is not advisable to choose a name that is confusing because it has punctuation marks or numerals. Some courts have allowed people to spell out numbers, like “Seven” rather than “7”.
  • You shouldn’t pick names that could be intimidating or offend anyone or be considered to be obscene.
  • You cannot pick a racial slur.

The Information You Need

  • Your name appears on the birth certificate or on documents pertaining to citizenship or immigration.
  • The full name that you are trying to change (if you’re switching your names).
  • Place and date of birth
  • Marital status and information
  • Residences for the at least three months
  • Address for correspondence

Need to have the Document

If you have or want to use an alternative name to the name you registered There are no laws that require to change your name officially. However, it is recommended to change your name legally in order to prove your identity as well as to document the name change.

Name change typically refers to the legal process by an individual who adopts the name of a different person from the name they had at birth or marriage. The procedure and the ease of the name change differs across the jurisdictions.

Information that can be useful

The Judicial Department comprises of the following departments:

  • The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (Anguilla) Circuit which comprises the Court of Appeal and the High Court;
  • The Magistrates Court;
  • Registry of the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Registry;
  • The Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages;
  • The Medical Registry and the Registry for Legal Practitioners Notaries Public, Commissioners of Oath and Justices of Peace;
  • It is the Registry of Deeds;
  • The Coroner
  • Probate Registry. Probate Registry.

Services offered by the Department

They complete the following registrations:

  • Births;
  • Deaths;
  • Marriages;
  • Adoptions;
  • Power of Attorney;
  • Deed-Polls.

They process the followinginformation:

  • Marriage Licenses (see this link for information on the conditions for applying for an official wedding license for Anguilla.)
  • Probate and Probate Letters and Administrations Applications:
  • Application to be appointed an Marriage Officer
  • Requests for declarations authorizing the issue of bans on church buildings.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

You might be able you to alter your name due to:

  • You just got married
  • You’ve been divorced
  • Just want to change your mind

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How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Anguilla
How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Anguilla

Judicial Department

Vital Records


If you want to use an alternative name, you may alter your identity at any point as long as you don’t plan to deceive or defraud someone else. There isn’t any legal process to follow to change the name. Simply start using your new identity. You can change your first name or surname, include names, or alter your names.

While there isn’t a legal method to change a name, you might want evidence to prove that you have switched your names. You cannot, however, alter the information in your birth certificates with the exception of certain circumstances.

After you’ve decided to switch your names you can now use your name you have chosen for any purpose such as publishing marriage bans or legal proceedings, getting, or changing the details on a driving license or passport.

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