How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Armenia

How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Armenia

  • Gather all necessary documents for the application to change your name.
  • Send in your application with the other required documents.
  • When the new name, or surname has been accepted then you are able to proceed with registration of with the name you want to use.

Documents that are required Change Your Name (Deed Poll) 

In order to register changes in name, it is necessary to submit the information in

  • Application (application template ) can be downloaded on the site from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, address or from the Civilian authority).
  • The applicant’s identity card,
  • A proof of residence in the event that the passport is not valid. Accounting designation.
  • The civil servant of certificates which have been changed because of the name change,
  • The marriage certificate of the applicant, in the event that they are already married.
  • Birth certificate of the applicant for each child younger than age.
  • In the case of persons 16-18 years of age, a parent or legal nerkayatsutsichnerihamadzaynutyunn about the name change,
  • The applicant’s request for documentation which prove the foundation of the above-mentioned motives for the changing the name of the applicant.
  • Army (military management body) in the case of reference of soldiers.

Office Locations and Contacts

Addresses and Communications

How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Armenia
How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Armenia

What Are All The Eligibility

A person who is 16 years old has the right to change their name and this will include his/her initials and last name.

Children as young as 16 after the request for change is made to the parent / parents or legal representatives. A child aged 10 years old after it is essential to modify the agreement.


Name Family name Last name change, name 5000 paid through the state tax funds. If you want to make it before the deadline established in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia name family name and last name change opinion or the decision of the government to use extra-budgetary funds based on the following rates:

  • three working days 50.000,
  • five business days, 30,000,


The process of registering the change in name or name of the individual who wants to change their address or birthplace registration, in accordance to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Civilian body.

The registration of a name change is refused If:

  • The documents aren’t in accordance to the “Civil
  • “On the Law of the Republic of Armenia and other legal acts”
  • alter the name of a person involved in an investigation into a crime,
  • Change the name of anyone subject to criminal penalties or is a criminal.

Civilian refusal to document the change of name of the citizen who is a territorial authority is provided with an explanation in writing of the reason for the rejection. The citizen is denied the right to appeal against the ruling to return original documentation supplied by him, as well as the photocopies of the request are kept within the register of the authority. Refusal to record the name change can be appealed to the court.

Requirements Information

  • Your name is listed on the birth certificate or on documents pertaining to citizenship or immigration.
  • The full name you’re trying to change (if you’re switching your names).
  • Place and date of birth
  • Details about marital status and other details
  • Residences for the at least three months
  • Address for correspondence

The Document is required Change Your Name (Deed Poll) 

If you have or are planning to use another name than the name you registered There are no laws that require to change your name in a formal manner. However, it is recommended to change your name legally in order to prove your identity and to show proof of the name change.

Name change typically refers to the legal process by the person who is adopting the name of a different person from the name they had at birth or marriage. The process and procedure for changing names differ across areas.

Information that can be useful

Typically, you are able to legally change the name of your family to any name you’d like to. However, there are some exceptions however:

  • It is not possible to change your name to avoid debt or cover yourself from criminal responsibility.
  • It is not possible to change your name to commit an offense.
  • You shouldn’t alter your name to deceive. It is usually done by taking the name of a celebrity. Courts generally do not permit this, unless there is an evidence-based argument that is not connected to the celebrity or the usage of their name.
  • It is not advisable to choose an uninformed name that has punctuation or numerals. Some courts have allowed individuals to spell out numbers, like “Seven” in place of “7”.
  • It is not possible to choose names that are likely to frighten or offend anyone, or be thought to be offensive.
  • It is impossible to select a racial insult.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

You may wish for a change in your personal name due to:

  • You just got married
  • You’ve been divorced
  • If you just want to make a change

External Links

Civilian documents and references

Ministry of Justice of Armenia

It is the Government of the Republic of Armenia


Most important you can do in order to legally change the name of your business is begin with a new name. Introduce yourself with the name you have changed, fill in forms and applications with the new address, and tell your family and friends to speak to you under your new name. Also, inform your employer and/or school of your new name.

If you would like to be identified by an alternative name, you may alter your identity at any point provided that you do not plan to deceive or defraud any other person. There is no legal process that you must follow to change your name. Simply start using that new name. You can alter your forename or surname, include names or rearrange your current names.

While there isn’t a legal procedure to change your name, you may need proof that you switched your names. But, you are not able to alter information in your birth certificates with the exception of certain circumstances.

After you’ve decided that you want to alter your personal name you can now use the new name for any purpose including publishing marriage bans or legal proceedings, the obtaining or altering of information on a driving license or passport.

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