How to Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In United States

Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In United States By Yourself

Change of name generally refers to the legal action by someone who adopts an identity that is different from the name they had at birth, wedding or adoption.

Application process in the person

  1. The initial step in informal communication is to begin introducing yourself to your familymembers, friends and colleagues by using our preferred name.
  2. Go to the state courthouse with proof of identity and proof of residency. NB every state has its own laws regarding the period of residence e.g. Minnesota has a residency period of 6 months.
  3. Please fill in the petition form or fill out the change to name request (download from your state’s website portal)
  4. You must sign an the affidavit stating that you aren’t a felon who has been convicted or have any warrant that is currently outstanding. NB do not fill out the form until after you have it in front of an notary public, who will confirm your identity and verify your signature.
  5. Fill out your petition and submit all the necessary documents to the clerk of the court and pay the filing fee.
  6. The clerk will date the petition, stamp it and then enter it in the public records. The clerk will give you a copy
  7. Make a proposal request that the judge/magistrate has to sign. Once signed, the clerk will set you up for hearings on the docket
  8. The magistrate or judge who is presiding over your case could be able to ask questions such as why for change of name? If there is no objection, the judge will issue you with a certificate.
Note Then, you can proceed to use your official name, and then change the name of all documents with your old name.

Make an application online

  1. Visit your state’s website for judicial services.
  2. Download the petition form or application to change name form (some states, they are have interactive forms and you can fill the form online, print the final copy. They are free)
  3. Visit the courthouse in the state where you reside and complete the petition form along with the necessary documents

Required Documents For Change Your Name (Deed Poll)

  • Certificate of criminal Record
  • Request addressed by the Minister for Justice
  • The application should be addressed to the Registrar.
  • ID Card (original and photocopie)
  • Social Security card for social security
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver license

Office Locations and Contacts

US courtOfficial guide


Minors or adults, require an official name change the result of adoption, divorce, marriage or simply the desire to have a different name. In general, you can change your name, as you do not use it to conceal a motive like getting rid of debts; the new name does not alter the rights of other people and the name isn’t an unlucky term. When it comes to minors the court considers the best interests of the child when deciding the name change proposed.


Each state courthouse sets its their own fees


For 15 years or until the person decides to alter their names by marriage

Processing Time

Name change procedures can last up to a day up to up to six (6) to six (6) months (sometimes more). The time required to get this action granted or decreed differs not just between states but from county to county , and the courthouse itself.


  • If you have or want to use an alternative name to the name you registered there exists no lawful requirement to change your name officially. However, it is advised to change your name in a formal manner in order to prove your identity as well as to prove the name change.
  • Name change is generally the legal action of an individual who adopts an identity that is different from the name they had at birth or marriage. The process and procedure for the name change differs in different areas.

The Information You Need

  • Your name appears on the birth certificate or on documents of citizenship or immigration.
  • The full name that you are trying to change (if you’re making a change to your identity).
  • Birth date and location
  • Marital status and information
  • The places of residence for the at least three months
  • Address for correspondence

The Document is required

The document can be used to alter all of other documents you have, like your identification card social security card, educational certificate, debit and credit card, driver’s license etc.

Information that can be useful

  • Every person has the right to choose a name of their choice so in the case that it’s not employed for fraud or for illegal reasons.
  • If you wish to change your legal name for adulthood in Massachusetts it is necessary to follow a court name change procedure. Names may also be changed in the course of divorce or adoption.
  • When a marriage is being celebrated, Massachusetts law allows a couple to choose the surname of their choice (last name).
  • You will need to change your name by an adoption, court process or marriage for you to be able to get official documents like passport, driver’s license as well as a social security card that bears your new name.

Other uses for the document/certificate

You might want for a change in your personal name due to:

  • You just got married
  • You’ve been divorced
  • If you just want to make a change
  • If there is an adoption changing gender/sex

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  1. Many states allow you to legally alter your name by simply changing the way you use it. You can pick the name you want to use and then begin using it on social media and for your company.
  2. It’s a lawful name alteration. The issues arise with the financial and government agencies. Today, in a time where identity theft, fraud with credit cards and even the fear of terrorists spying are widespread, a lot of organizations, including government and financial institutions, might require court papers to prove your identity.
  3. In addition, there are specific kinds of identification documents, for instance, social security cards or birth certificate card and passports, that will need legal proof of name change.
  4. Since every state has its own name change laws, be sure to consult the clerk of your local court on the rules of your state.




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