How to Changing information on your National Social Security Fund Card In Uganda

Changing information on your National Social Security Fund Card In Uganda By Online

  1. Go to the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) branch office close to you and bring all the necessary documents.
  2. Contact the customer service desk and ask for the application of Member detail update form or error correction form. complete it accurately
  3. Fill out the form and send all documents required to the official responsible for the visit who will examine and review the documents. Upon completion, they will add all the data to the NSSF computer system database.

Make changes to your Password details:

  1. Go to the NSSF website [ Apply online] under “what would you like to accomplish” dropdown choose “e declaration and self-registration”
  2. You will be redirected to the next screen. To do this, select “e statement”
  3. Enter your NSSF number as well as your password in the e-statement option located to the left of the screen. Log into the system.
  4. Click “change the password” and enter your NSSF number as well as your new password.
  5. Create a new password, confirm it and then submit it. Then, view Statement

Changing contact details:

  • The member must notify NSSF immediately if they change their contact information by either going to the closest NSSF office in person or by contact them by telephone, fax, or email. Contact information is available here. NSSF
  • In this is how NSSF can make changes to the records of members and ensure that the member’s payment information is up-to-date.

If you’ve changed your employment location:

  • All one has to do is provide his/her new employer the current membership number. There is no requirement to sign up for a new membership.

Required Documents For Changing information on your National Social Security Fund Card

  • Social Security card number of the national  social security system.
  • New password is required in the event of the password being afoul of charges
  • The supporting documents to prove the change in information can differ based on the information you’re changing.
  • Birth certificate for children in the case of a child born prior to the identification of the card
  • Certificate of marriage or ID card for spouse for marriage
  • Deed polls in the event of changing the birth name by the applicant

Office Locations and Contacts

National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

1. Plot Pilkington Road, Workers House, Ground Floor
P.O Box 7140, Kampala,Uganda
Tel: +256 0313 331755
Toll Free: 800286773

Branch directory

Minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development
2 – 12 Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road
Finance Building
Nakasero,Kampala 8147
Fax: +256041-4230162
Ministry of finance


  • Employed people aged 16 and over who have an account with the national social security fund card must change their details due to updating beneficiary names, changes of birth name of the applicant and password, or correction of details due errors.


  • There is no charge at the time of updating or changing data on the NSSF card.


  • Membership cards are valid up to retirement.

Processing Time

  • Right away


Change of job:
Any employee who is changing jobs must keep that same Social Security number.There is no requirement for an additional card since all contributions made by the various employers will be made to one account.

The card’s details are incorrect:
Anyone who has a member card with any information that is, to the best of their knowledge, incorrect should notify NSSF to ensure that a new card can be issued.

The Information You Need

  • Names of all applicants
  • Information about the birthplace of applicant (place and date)
  • NSSF card number
  • Beneficiaries’ names have to be updated
  • The signature of the person applying
  • The address of residence of the applicant
  • The email address or phone number of the applicant
  • Current occupation

The document is needed

  • National Social Security Fund (NSSF) savings scheme was created to provide social security benefits to workers in Uganda

Information that can be useful

NSSF Benefits:

  • In accordance with the Act, NSSF administers and provides eligible contributors with the following benefits in accordance with the in the right

Age Benefit

  • The benefit is payable to members who have reached old age limit of 55. The age benefit is also attained upon attaining 50 years old, in the event that the claimant has been laid off from work

Survivors Benefit

  • The benefit is given to the immediate relatives (spouse as well as kids) who died. In the event that the member was not any children or spouse the benefits are paid to parents when they only depended on the deceased.

Work Exempted:

  • The money is given to those who are in classes of employment that have the Social Security Schemes of their respective employers e.g. public service, Army, Police etc

Emigration Grant:

  • This money is given in cash to any foreigner or Ugandan members who have left the country permanently.

The Invalidity Benefit:

  • This benefit is provided to those who are unable to be productively employed due to physical or mental impairment.

Benefits of Withdrawal:

  • The amount is paid to a member once he or her is over the age of 50 and if was not employed as a result of an employment contract for the period of one year prior to the date of his or her claim.


  • The NSSF Board of Directors, through Management is legally and fiduciary responsibility to be in the best interest of the financial interests of its beneficiaries and to uphold the highest level of care. Based on this guidelines, the Fund has set up Investment Policy Guidelines and Strategies that are crucial to all of the stakeholders in the Fund.
  • NSSF believes that the anticipated pension benefits will be best achieved by having the correct long-term asset mix with proper diversification, and the prudent management of risk.
  • The Board of Directors has approved an asset mix with a high equity skew, and is considering the possibility of a different asset class, Real Estate. This should allow the fund to reach goals for revenue that will sustain the levels of interest that are desired for members.
  • NSSF offers a range of investment options that are permissible in virtually all aspects in the economic system. They include real development of real estate water, energy health, education financing for mortgages (both secondary and primarial) and SME development.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • NSSF does not offer loans directly to its members. However, NSSF has invested in equity at various banks, where members are able to access loans.

External Links

Ministry of Finance, Planning Economic Development




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