How to Changing information on Your Social Security Card In United States

Changing information on Your Social Security Card In United States By Online

  • Complete and sign the SS-5 application legally using only blue or black ink.
  • Send this application in its entirety along together with the required documents at your local Social Security office.
  • Go to to find the Social Security office or Social Security Card Center that serves your area.

SS-5 Application Form

Required Documents For Changing information on Your Social Security Card

The evidence of age The most common requirement is to submit proof of your age on the certificate you received at birth. In certain circumstances, Social Security Administration may accept a different document to prove your age. Other documents that Social Security Administration may accept include:

  • U.S. hospital record of your birth (created at the time of your birth)
  • A religious record that was established prior to age five, indicating your age or birth date
  • Passport
  • Final Adoption Decree (the adoption decree has to prove that the birth details were extracted from the original birth certificate)

Proof of Identity You need to present current, unexpired proof of your identity in you legal name. The legal name of your person will appear on your Social Security card. It is generally accepted that the Social Security Administration prefer to examine documents issued by the U.S. Documents you present to prove your identity should show your legal name, as well as biographical details (your birthday, your age or the names of your parents) or physical details (photograph or physical description of your size, eye and color, etc.). If you submit a photograph identification document, but you do not show up on the street, your identity document should include your biographical details (e.g. the birthday, your age or your parents’ names). Documents without expiration dates must be issued in the last two years , for adult, and within the last five years for kids.

To prove the authenticity of your person, you need to be able to provide:

  • U.S. driver’s license; or
  • U.S. State-issued non-driver identity card or
  • U.S. passport

If you don’t possess one of the above documents or you are unable to get an alternative within 10 working weeks, Social Security Administration may accept other documents that demonstrate your biographical and legal name like the U.S. military identity card or Certificate of Naturalization employee identity card, a certified duplicate of your medical record (clinic or hospital) healthcare insurance card Medicaid card or school identification card or record. For children under the age of 10, Social Security Administration may accept medical records (clinic or doctor’s and hospitals) that are maintained by the healthcare service. Social Security Administration may also accept an adoption decree that is final, or a school identification card or another school records kept at the request of the institution.

If you’re not an U.S. citizen, Social Security Administration will require any present U.S. immigration document(s) as well as your passport from abroad with biographical data or photo.

Documentation of U.S. Citizenship Generally you will need to provide the U.S. birth certificate or U.S. Passport. Other documents you could be required to provide include the Consular Report of Birth, Certificate of Citizenship and the Certificate of Naturalization.

Proof of immigration status must present a valid, current document issued through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that demonstrates the status of your immigration, for example Form I-551 or I-94 or I-766. If you’re an exchange or international student you might need to provide additional documentation like Form I-20, DS-2019 or a written authorization to work from your institution and employer (F-1) as well as your employer (J-1). Social Security Administration CANNOT accept the receipt as proof of having requested the document. If you’re not licensed for work within the U.S., Social Security Administration is able to issue you an Social Security card only if you require the number in connection with a valid non-work-related reason. The card will be marked to indicate that you are not able to work, and if you are able to perform work Social Security Administration will notify DHS. Go to page 3, item 5 for more details.

Note: If you’re making this application for the benefit of another person You must submit evidence that proves your authorization in signing this application, as and documents to establish your identity and that of the individual for whom you’re submitting the application. We only accept original documents or documents that have been certified to us by the owner of the original document. Notarized copies or photocopies that are not verified by the person who holds records are not acceptable.

Office Locations and Contacts

Follow to find the Social Security office or Social Security Card Center that serves your area.


Apply for a Social Security Card for Free


The replacement Social Security Card may be obtained through submitting a Formula SS-5 “Application For Replacement Social Security Card”

To update the information in you Social Security number record (i.e. the name change, citizenship change, or a corrected day of birth) you need to provide evidence to verify your identity, justify the change you want to make and provide the reasons for the change. For instance, you can submit a birth certificate in order to verify your dates of birth. The document that supports the name change must be current and show you with both the old and new name. When the name change occurred more than two years ago or if the change document is not accompanied by sufficient evidence to support that you are who you claim to be, you should be able to provide evidence to support the identity of your prior name, and in some instances the new name you have chosen to use. If you are born outside of the U.S. you must provide documents to prove that you have U.S. citizenship or current legal, work-authorized status.

The Information You Need

  • Full Name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Sex
  • Citizenship
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Social Security number that was previously assigned
  • Parents Full Name
  • Social Security Number of Parents
  • Country
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • Address for mailing
  • Residence address

Documentation is needed

The United States, a Social Security number (SSN) is an eight-digit number that is issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, as well as temporarily (working) citizens and temporary (working) residents. The number is assigned to individuals through the Social Security Administration, an independent agency of the United States government. Its main function is to keep track of people in order to fulfill Social Security purposes.




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