How to Check National E-card Status in Nigeria

Check National E-card Status in Nigeria By Yourself

  • To apply to apply for Checking National e-card status in person, the applicant needs go to the center in the place where he/she made an application for an card via e-mail.
  • Centres for Enrolment across the nation are listed in the following addresses details hyperlink

  • Visit the centre, and then present the transaction slip as well as NIN slips to the appropriate center’s authority.
  • They will assist you to determine how to proceed with the credit card. The authorities will verify the NIN database using the number of the transaction slip and NIN slip numbers.
  • After confirming after which, the official will inform you about the status.

Application Online

Note: This link is currently not available
  • To apply to apply for Checking Status of the National E-Card online applicants must follow the web-based status checking page
  • Visit the office , and then enter your transaction slip number and NIN slip number into the fields that are provided.
  • If your card is in the process of being ready it will show the appropriate status. If not, it will show an appropriate status.

Documents Required For Check National E-card

  • The transaction slip number
  • Slip number NIN

Office Locations and Contacts

Enrolment CentreNational ID Management Center
Port-Hacourt Rd,
New Owerri,
Phone: 0700 2255 6462
Website [ LinkWebsite [ Link
Enrolment centres address details
Contact Link

What are all the Eligibility

Anyone located in Nigeria that has submitted an application for electronic card may look it up.


The service is completely free.

Requirements Information

  • The transaction slip number
  • Slip number NIN

The Document is required

It is mandatory to determine the status of the application for an electronic card.



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