How To Convert Foreign Driver License In Algeria

How To Convert Foreign Driver License In Algeria

The applicant must take a particular driver and training test.

Documents Required Convert Foreign Driver License

  • Passport
  • Original medical certificate and photocopy
  • Valid permit of residence or stay with photocopy and original. A copy of the original stay permit will need to be presented at the time that the driver’s license is taken.
  • A certified translation of the driving licence in the case of driving licenses that do NOT conform to the standards that is outlined in international conventions.
  • In certain instances, the licensing office might ask for an Declaration from an Embassy, Consulate or the Country of Origin, stating that the driving license issued in the first place is genuine (for additional information, contact the Office of Motorization).
  • Original and copy of current driving licence. (For expired driving licenses the expiry date must not be more than 3 years old.)
  • One photo in colour (25 millimeters x 32 millimetres).
  • English version of driving licence provided by the Embassy of the country that issued it.

Office Locations and Contacts

MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT01, Chemin Ibn Badis El-Mouiz Ex Poirsson,
El-Biar, Algiers 16300
Tel. : +213 (0) 21 92 98 85/86/87

ICDL Algerie
Address 17. Bis Residence Chaabani
Val d-Hydra
Phone: +21321481818
Fax: + 21321692938

What Are All The Eligibility

Foreign drivers


It is valid for a year following the date of the issue.

Examples of Documents

Driving in Algeria.pdf


The IDP is required prior to leaving your country of origin.
The name on the IDP must be identical to the name on the passport.

The Information You Need

  • Passport number.
  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Medical certificate

The Document is required Convert Foreign Driver License

Algeria demands foreigners to have the International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to their local license.

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How To Convert Foreign Driver License In Algeria
How To Convert Foreign Driver License In Algeria


  • The driver (including parents and spouses) must complete a defensive driving class prior to being permitted to drive.
  • Drivers need to be aware of the driving rules in the country , as well as being aware of and respect local road rules and road signs.
  • The seat belt should be worn all the time while the vehicle is moving. Little children should be seated in a car seat that is suitable for them. Children under 12 years old should be in the back of the car, wearing a seat belt.
  • Drivers are not allowed to drive if they are under the impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • Drivers are accountable to ensure that they don’t drive when fatigued and are unable to stay alert.
  • Lafarge operating and resting times must be observed.
  • The use of mobile phone (including text messaging as well as hand-held devices) while driving is strictly forbidden.
  • Vehicles must be operated with the lights always on (where legally permitted).
  • Passengers and drivers should wear a high-visibility vest, and a traffic safety triangle should be in place in the event in an emergency, and when the need for exit in the back of their vehicle.
  • The vehicle must be inspected to make sure they are operating in good condition especially prior to journeys that are long. They should be maintained and operated according to the dealer’s and/or manufacturer’s requirements.

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