How to Convert Old Identity Card (CNI) to New Format In Ivory Coast

Convert Old Identity Card (CNI) to New Format In Ivory Coast By Online

  1. Purchase stamp
    (i) The applicant is required to buy a stamp on the ONECI website. This allows you to visit an ONECI Enrolment Centre and have you admitted to.
    (ii) (iii) Go to (iii) Go to the ONECI site Portal click here click on the purchase stamps option and you’ll be taken on the subsequent page.
    (iii) Complete the your request in a precise manner (full name and date/place of birth mother’s name, the type of request “Renew CNI” email address) then click the “Buy Now “tab.
    (iv) After that, click “PAY “and pay online via the entity that is listed on the website i.e. (Orange Money Moov Money MTN Mobile Money, Visa, and MasterCard) then click on the “payer” option.
    (v) You can print your receipt. A copy will be sent to your email.
  2. Visit the enrollment centres
    (i) (ii) Visit an ONECI enrollment center near you with your necessary documentation (listed in the following) and indicate your interest.
    (ii) The receipt must be presented at the ONECI enrolling agent. After confirmation, you will be enrolled and issued an acknowledgement.
    (iii) (iii) Collect the application form, read carefully through it because it has different sections complete it, then verify that the information is correct. Sign it.
    (iv) Select the control ticket number , then hold your breath until you get to it.
    (v) (v) Submit the completed form with all documents supporting it to the officer to be verified and processed.
    (vi) (vi) Your biometric information (finger print and photograph) will be collected on the spot.
  3. The process of collecting the ID cards
  • The recipient will be notified via SMS when you have your identity card in the process of being available for collection. Visit the ONECI Enrolment Centre and request an ID card.

Required Documents For Convert Old Identity Card

  • Photocopies of birth certificates extracted from the document.
  • The previous CNI card was issued by the ONI
  • The photocopy or copy of your certificate of nationality or a photocopy of the identity card that is issued by the ONI (If it is lost)
  • Receipt to pay for the stamp
  • Initial enrollment receipt
  • Other documents that could be required by the ONECI.

Office Locations and Contacts

OneCICall center (+225)20307940
Toll-free no. 1340
ONECI Enrollment center agency link: enrollment centers
Web site: link


  • Ivorian citizen who uses the original CNI format


  • Stamp fee of 5000 FCFA


This CNI Card is good for a period of 10 years and can be renewed afterward.

Processing Time

If all the conditions are met When all requirements are met, the CNI card procedure will be completed within 45 days from the date of receipt of the application

Requirements Information

  • The full name of the person applying
  • Address of residence
  • Birth date
  • The place of birth
  • Tribes or communities of indigenous people to which an applicant is a part
  • The place of origin
  • Occupation/profession
  • Name of spouse
  • Name or nationality, tribe, and clan.
  • Information from the CNI’s old CNI

Need to have the Document

  • Identity cards are a valid document that allows the natural person to verify his identity and their Ivorian nationality. It permits entry into certain countries without needing to purchase the passport.
  • The CNI demagnetized card has an electronic chip encrypted with the information of the holder. The card is accessible for every Ivorian residents and is valid for a period of ten years after the date of the card’s issue.

The CNI demagnetized card has an electronic chip embedded with the cardholder’s information. The card is accessible at the request of every Ivorian citizen and valid for a period of ten years after the date of the card’s issue.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Opening a bank account , making financial transactions/requesting the approval of a loan
  • How to apply for an identity card
  • Admission to a higher education institution
  • You can apply for a marriage or death certificates.
  • Sign up for an smartphone SIM card.
  • You can apply for a driver’s license
  • Request a voter’s ID card, etc.

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