How To Convert or Exchange Foreign Driver License In Akrotiri

How To Convert or Exchange Foreign Driver License In Akrotiri

To swap your license to an Armenia driver’s license for Armenia, you must apply in person at an Armenian Driving Test center. You must:

  • Take a look test
  • Original identification documenting you are legally named, the date of birth, your signature
  • Bring your original, valid foreign driver’s license.
  • Bring any original documents to show evidence of your driving skills
  • Pay the fees applicable
  • Fill out the application (where you’ll be required to indicate the length of time you’ve been driving for)

There is a possibility that you will need to pass a written exam or road test, before you can get your full license. It is contingent on the circumstances.

Documents that are required Convert or Exchange Foreign Driver License

  • Current driver’s license from an overseas country.
  • Identity proof
  • Documentation of your Akrotiri residence address
  • One document that displays your signature
  • Application fee

Office Locations and Contacts

The SBA Administration (SBAA) Contact Form for Headquarters

How To Convert or Exchange Foreign Driver License In Akrotiri
How To Convert or Exchange Foreign Driver License In Akrotiri


What Are All The Eligibility

In Akrotiri stipulates that you must be at least 18 years old and have lived in Akrotiri for six months prior to the time you are eligible to request an Akrotiri one. You could apply for a UK temporary one for as long as you’re at least 18 years of age. You are not able to take the driving exam until you’ve resident on Island for six months. The 6 month period begins from the date you have the dependents stamp on the passport.


If your license is expired and you are unable for you to get it renewed in the nation it was issued by or you’re seeking the license of another category (i.e. you hold a motorcycle license and are seeking a car license) you will need to go through the usual procedure to drive legally.

If you own an UK driving licence, there is no requirement to swap it to one of the Akrotiri one in the event that you pass your first driving test or add additional drivers categories onto your existing license. When you pass your test you will receive the Akrotiri licence to drive. After returning in the UK you are able to swap the Akrotiri driving license to one in the UK one. All drivers’ categories are transferred across.

Requirements Information

  • Your names
  • Identification number.
  • Birthplace of the child
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Permanent Address
  • Province
  • Category of license
  • Signature
  • Citizenship
  • Nationality

Documentation is needed

Drivers who are considered to be residents of Akrotiri are required to obtain an Akrotiri drivers license or permit by attending classes at a driving school and passing both written as well as practical exams, in the event that they aren’t already holding an unexpired license issued in another country.

Information that could be helpful

Contact local residents for recommendations or visit some schools and select one. Every school has its own timetable of classes and prices and classes can start as soon as.

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In the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office they will save the original driving license as well as make copies of any other documents. Since you’re only permitted to possess one driving license, you cannot be able to get your original driving license back. If you have a reason to need to get your license reinstated the process of exchange is put on hold. You will receive a duplicate of your driving license as well as a temporary driving permit valid for up to three months. This permits you to drive within Akrotiri.

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