How To Convert or Exchange Foreign Driver License In Gabon

How To Convert or Exchange Foreign Driver License In Gabon

In the event that your nation has an reciprocal agreement with Gabon and you are a member of the reciprocal arrangement, you will be able to obtain Gabon’s driver’s license without taking any tests. France has a Reciprocal agreement with Gabon which means that anyone who is a French citizen can transfer their driver’s license to Gabon. CNEPC is the authority that is responsible for driver licenses in Gabon. Below is a hyperlink to the CNEPC website that includes contact details that you can connect with for further information : Contact Info CNEPC

Another option to connect with any school for driver’s license that can assist you to get your driver’s license, but they’ll cost you for their services.

If your country isn’t an exchange partner with Gabon and you are not in a reciprocal arrangement, you may be required to pass a some tests before you are issued an Gabon driver’s license. It is possible to contact the driving schools, who may cost you for their services they offer, or call CNEPC who are in a position to give you specific information about what has to be completed. Contact Information CNEPC

Documents that are required Convert or Exchange Foreign Driver License

  • Original Foreign Driver’s License
  • The document is a French Translated copy of Foreign Driver License.
  • Passport

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact Information you can contact to clarify your questions : Contact Info CNEPC (In French)


  • A International Driving Permit, IDP is required for driving in Gabon. Visitors are permitted to drive with an IDP along with an active driver’s license for a period of up at three months. Gabon is a member of reciprocal arrangements on driving licenses and permits with France and the French-speaking African states.
  • The following link provides details about Internatinal Driver (IDP\IDL) License recognition in different nations : International Driver License Recognition
    How To Convert or Exchange Foreign Driver License In Gabon
    How To Convert or Exchange Foreign Driver License In Gabon

Documentation is needed

This article will provide you with information about how you can change or convert your current foregin driver’s license to a Gabon driver’s license.




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